Why do we study Science?

At Ridgeway Secondary School we believe that our students should leave school not only as spectators of the world we live in – but as an integral part of it, able to understand and be in awe of everything around us. Our curriculum is designed to build skills and knowledge for all students necessary to take part in a fast-moving world. Across all Key Stages there is an equal blend of Biology, Chemistry and Physics tailored toward meeting the demands of the Key Stage 4 national curriculum.  Our curriculum is designed to teach the fundamental theories and concepts firstly during Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 before then developing a students’ understanding and application as they progress through Key Stage 4. Our intent is to drive and create future scientists by giving students the skills they need to develop all four facets of their Ridgeway 360 learning journey. 

KS2 –  In KS2 a solid foundation of knowledge and practical skills are built through exploring interesting topics and where applicable engaging practicals. Students will learn key terminology and concepts that will continue throughout their KS3 and KS4 journeys. Students will at times be required to work individually and collaboratively to encourage thinking and working scientifically.

KS3 – In KS3 students begin their transition to be GCSE ready by further developing and embedding skills to apply knowledge in a more complex and demanding way. Students will study similar topics but in greater depth to broaden understanding of knowledge and skills. Students will be assessed more frequently during KS3 and be stretched due to the setting of students in Science to foster more progress for each and every student. A transitional set of topics are covered towards the end of our students’ KS3 journey in preparation for the demands of a KS4 curriculum.

KS4 – In Key Stage 4 students will be directed into one of two paths. The first is for young, aspiring scientists that will study AQA Triple Award gaining 3 individual GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The second path is AQA Combined Science Trilogy which results in 2 GCSEs that cover Biology, Chemistry and Physics in less detail than in Triple Award. Both paths allow for the development of knowledge and skills in both theoretical and practical contexts.