What do we study in Maths at Ridgeway?

Why do we study Mathematics?

The skills and knowledge acquired through mathematics are vital for the life opportunities of our students.  Our aim is for all children to think mathematically enabling them to reason and solve problems in a range of contexts. Ridgeway 360⁰ is all about creating the rounded individual, of which the mathematics curriculum feeds directly into.  From preparing the students socially and mentally being happy, safe and confident with finances, to academically preparing the students for the demands of the mathematics curriculum, Ridgeway 360⁰ is well and truly embedded in the curriculum.

Mathematics programme of study at Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9)

The curriculum is carefully designed to ensure a balance between breadth and depth.  Allowing our students to delve into the deeper maths of ‘why’ (where do we see maths in the real world?) as important to the department as it is to cover all the maths in KS3.  Opportunities will arise to develop and challenge our students stepping into KS4 versions of the same Learning Objectives – these are minimal but hugely powerful (eg. line of best fit with Scatter Diagrams).  Our curriculum plan is ambitious without losing breadth.


From starting in year 7 through to being KS4 ready in year 9, the order and arrangement of topics being taught ensure we stretch and challenge but also nurture the less confident students.  Arriving in year 7, we open with data with the aim to ‘sell’ the subject (a little more investigation maths rather than starting with number) leading through to year 9 where we delve into some of the learning objectives that offer KS4 style development.  Regular assessments with dedicated reflection time means our students are very much ready for GCSE to begin in year 10.

Mathematics programme of study at Key Stage 4 (Years 10-11)

GCSE Mathematics begins in year 10 with our students comfortable and confident with the style of questions to be expected from the sound preparation at key stage 3.  The groups will either be following a Higher or Foundation route with the exception of the ‘crossover group’ that will allow the decision of Higher or Foundation entry to be delayed until students, parents and teachers are comfortable with the correct tier.  Preparing our students for life after Ridgeway is fundamental to the KS4 curriculum.  Whether this be preparing for finances in adulthood or post 16 maths, our aim is to always be thinking of the next steps for the students.  Increasing maths take up post 16 means we have succeeded in our delivery throughout KS3 and KS4.

Homework expectations

Homework in Mathematics follows the whole school policy and will be a mixture of online, paper based and investigation styles.

How can parents and guardians support at home?

We ask that whenever the opportunity arises at home, parents and students discuss mathematics in real contexts such as finances, distances, measures etc.  Being fluent in the times tables is key, practicing these really does help when it comes to recall for assessments.

MathsWatch and JustMaths subscriptions are also suggested for the students to use at home in addition to homework.

Enrichment opportunities

After school revision sessions for our year 11 students along with holiday and Saturday sessions become regular additions to the working week.  We run the Junior and Intermediate Maths Challenges throughout the year.  House activities within lessons also give the opportunity for the students to encounter mathematics outside of the curriculum.