Shires Multi Academy Trust is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.  Applicants must be willing to undergo child protection screening, including checks with past employers and an enhanced DBS. The Trust is committed to the promotion of equal opportunities and diversity.


Why work at Ridgeway

Exceptional Routines Driven Behaviour:

At Ridgeway Secondary School, we pride ourselves on fostering exceptional routines driven behaviour among our faculty. We understand that a structured environment not only benefits students but also empowers teachers to excel in their roles. Our meticulously crafted routines are designed to streamline processes, minimise disruptions, and maximise instructional time. From efficient silent lesson transitions to clear routines around attention and task completion, we provide the support necessary for teachers and students to thrive.
Teachers at Ridgeway Secondary School benefit from a culture that values consistency and excellence. By adhering to established routines, educators can focus their energy on delivering high-quality instruction and building meaningful connections with students. Our commitment to exceptional routines driven behaviour ensures a conducive learning environment where both educators and students can reach their full potential.

Didactic Approach to Teaching:

At Ridgeway Secondary School, we embrace a didactic approach to teaching, where the teacher serves as the expert in their field. We believe that effective teaching requires expertise, passion, and a dedication to lifelong learning. As such, we provide our educators with the resources, professional development opportunities, and support needed to continuously enhance their knowledge and skills.
Our teachers are encouraged to take ownership of their classrooms and deliver engaging, thought-provoking lessons that inspire curiosity and critical thinking. With access to cutting-edge educational materials and ongoing training sessions, our staff members are equipped to deliver instruction that goes beyond the curriculum, fostering a love for learning that extends far beyond the classroom walls.

Work-Life Balance and Cutting out Meaningless Admin:

At Ridgeway Secondary School, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and cutting out meaningless administrative tasks. We believe that when teachers feel supported and valued, they are better able to perform at their best both inside and outside of the classroom.
Our streamlined administrative processes and supportive leadership team ensure that teachers can focus their time and energy where it matters most: on their students. By minimising bureaucratic red tape and providing efficient systems for managing tasks, we empower our educators to prioritise their well-being while still delivering exceptional instruction.

Extensive Opportunities for Career Progression:

Ridgeway Secondary School is committed to providing extensive opportunities for career progression and development. Whether through: trust wide opportunities, coaching programs, leadership training initiatives, or access to subject specialist qualifications and certifications, we are dedicated to helping our teachers grow both personally and professionally.
Our school culture encourages innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement, providing a fertile ground for educators to expand their skills and take on new challenges. From departmental leadership roles to specialised curriculum development projects, there are countless avenues for career advancement at Ridgeway Secondary School. Join our team and unlock your full potential.

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