Ensuring a smooth transition to Ridgeway Secondary School

We understand that the transition to secondary school is a significant milestone for
both you and your child. At Ridgeway Secondary School, we prioritise the seamless
integration of our new students, ensuring that each child feels supported, welcomed,
and part of the Ridgeway Family from the very beginning.

Our comprehensive transition programme is designed to ease the anxieties of both
parents and students alike. Key conversations with staff from both the primary and
secondary schools are a fundamental aspect of this initiative. This ensures that
important information is shared, concerns are addressed, and a clear understanding
of each child’s needs is established, creating a foundation for a successful transition.

To further acclimate our new students, we organise three key dates where they visit
the school before the academic year begins. These visits allow them to familiarise
themselves with the surroundings, meet their future teachers and classmates, and
gain a sense of comfort within the school environment. These intentional steps foster
a smooth transition and help students build a sense of belonging.

For students with additional needs, we provide extra transition support, tailored to
their unique requirements. Our dedicated team works closely with both parents and
external specialists to create personalised plans, ensuring that every student,
regardless of their challenges, has the resources and support necessary to thrive at
Ridgeway Secondary School.

Rest assured, our commitment to your child’s well-being and successful integration is
unwavering. We look forward to welcoming your child into the Ridgeway Family, where
they will find not just an academic institution, but a supportive community invested
in their growth and development.

Please click here for our transition support booklet that you may find useful:

RSS Student and Families Handbook 2024

Dates to remember:

1) 3rd July 2024 SEND and Additional Needs Transition Day
2) 10th and 11th July 2024 – School Transition Days
3) 11th July 2024 6-7pm Parental Welcome

In-year transfers

We have places in Years 7-9. Please contact us for further information or to arrange a school tour and come and see our special school community!