Commencing this September, the new uniform will be mandatory for incoming Year 7 students, symbolising the beginning of their journey with us. Existing students need
not worry, as they are not expected to replace their current uniforms. The transition to the new uniform will occur gradually, allowing students to adopt it when they outgrow their existing attire.

We understand the financial considerations associated with such changes. To alleviate any concerns, the grey blazer can be purchased outside of the named providers below and badges can be affixed. For our female students, the Ridgeway branded skirt will be the only permissible option. Current students wearing a skirt are encouraged to transition to the new Ridgeway skirt when their current one requires replacement. Acknowledging the financial
pressures families may face, we want to assure you that we have taken careful consideration in selecting the uniform to balance quality and affordability. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated as we implement this change for the benefit of our students

The changes to the uniform are:

  • a grey blazer with Ridgeway badge
  • a grey Ridgeway jumper with badge (optional)
  • a new Ridgeway tie
  • a Ridgeway branded skirt

CLICK HERE for examples of the new school uniform!

Uniform Sept 24



  • Navy blue cardigan or v-necked pullover with Ridgeway crest (optional)
  • Black skirt or trousers*
  • Navy blazer with Ridgeway crest
  • White blouse with school tie
  • Gold, green and red stripe tie (KS 2 & 3)
  • Blue Tie with school badge (KS 4)
  • White or black socks,  skin or black coloured tights
  • Coat of quality material and colour suitable for school use (no logos)
  • Black shoes with flat heels (no stiletto heels or similar)
  • Flat-heeled sandals may be worn in appropriate weather (trainers are not allowed)
  • Boots may be worn to and from school in exceptional weather but students must change into shoes during the school day


  • Navy blue v-necked pullover with Ridgeway crest (optional)
  • Black trousers
  • Navy blazer with Ridgeway crest – optional
  • White shirt with school tie
  • Gold, green and red stripe tie (KS3)
  • Blue Tie with school badge (KS 4)
  • Black or grey socks
  • Coat of quality material and colour suitable for school use (no logos)
  • Black shoes (trainers are not allowed)

* Trousers with pockets on the leg, large belts or buckles, with dropped waists or very flared, are not deemed suitable for school uniform.  Skirts to be of a modest length.

Sports Uniform

Girls & Boys

  • Red school logo T-shirt
  • Blue school logo shorts or skort (summer weather)
  • Blue school logo Tracksuit bottoms or leggings (winter weather)
  • Blue school logo Zip up top
  • Red or white socks
  • Trainers and Football Boots
  • Shin pads
  • Waterproof jacket
  • A bag for dirty trainers
  • Hoodies are not allowed
  • Jewellery is not permitted
  • Long hair must be tied up
  • Pupils have 5 minutes only to get changed in and out of their PE kit
  • Can you please ensure that all kit is named


  • Parents are urged to see that children leave valuables at home.  Watches and metal stud earrings only are acceptable but other jewellery must not be worn for school.  Loss causes the owner and parents much distress and items of jewellery must be removed for games/PE lessons (including any such extra-curricular activity).  School cannot be responsible for any loss of jewellery if items are not handed to the teacher leading the PE/Games lesson.  It is advised that small items should be placed in a small box to avoid loss of the items.
  • Students may not wear body or tongue piercings to school.
  • It would be particularly helpful if parents who are considering having their children’s ears pierced should arrange for this to be done at the beginning of the holiday period.  Training studs may not be removed for a lengthy period and this could mean that the child concerned would not be able to take part in a range of activities within the Physical Education curriculum.
  • Students may not wear make-up, nail extensions or nail varnish to school.


National Schoolwear Centre:  3-4 Bulls Head Yard, Alcester  B49 5BX, Tel: 01789 400344 Website:

School Days, Britannica House, 13-15 Church Street, Bromsgrove B97 8DD, Tel: 01527 757439 – Website:

Orchard Clothing, Unit 6 Hunt End Industrial Estate, Dunlop Road, Hunt End, Redditch B97 5XP – Tel: 0845 208 0471  [email protected]

Please Note:  If you wish to have details of the criteria or application for a uniform grant, please contact the school office, in confidence.  The school will be able to provide you with the appropriate guidance.


All of our students at Ridgeway are expected to have all of the following equipment in every lesson. It is an important part to ensure the smooth start to lessons and to maximise learning time.

Further specialist equipment may be provided for some lessons. However, all students are expected to bring:

A robust pencil case that is plain and clear that must include…

  • Black pen x3 (biro only, no clicker or roller ball pens)
  • Red pen x3
  • Pencil x3
  • A sharpener
  • An eraser
  • Whiteboard pen x1
  • A 30cm long ruler
  • A geometry set (protractor, compasses)
  • A scientific calculator

Please note: a reading book must also be brought to school every day. The school library (LRC) should be used where necessary to obtain a book.