Ridgeway Curriculum Vision

Whole School

We aim to provide an ambitious, broad and stimulating curriculum for all. High academic achievement and the development of well rounded, confident and responsible young people are at the heart of our curriculum, this is embodied in our Ridgeway 360 ethos. It is tailored to provide challenge for our pupils and prepare them for further study and the world of work. Many of our students go on to study A levels, level 3 courses or into apprenticeships.  Our students follow a balanced academic curriculum with a range of subjects offered to support all learnersOur curriculum provides students with a breadth of knowledge and skills at Key Stage 3 to enable them to make informed choices before moving to GCSE and other level 2 qualifications. Our student-centred approach ensures that pupils are often taught a broad curriculum, in class sizes smaller than the average in other state schools.   Our curriculum aims to support students to do well academically but also to allow them to understand the importance and value of skills and character in promoting lifelong success and happiness. We value and recognise success in a wide range of extra-curricular activities to enable students to discover and develop lifelong interests and talents. These experiences develop students’ strength of character and enables them to become empathetic, resilient and independent. 


Our Key Stage 2 curriculum builds on the content covered at First and Primary School. It also supports the transition to secondary education as students experience more specialist teaching, whilst remaining with one teacher for the core of their learning. This balance supports students in developing their confidence and independence whilst being nurtured and supported pastorally and academically by a class teacher. 


Our Key Stage 3 curriculum is both broad and balanced with all students experiencing a range of subjects throughout years 7 to 9. The curriculum is based on national curriculum content and is sequenced to ensure students are building the knowledge and concepts of a particular subject in a coherent and effective way. students will experience Maths, English, Science, Art, Music, PE, RE, Design Technology (on rotation with Food Technology), History, Geography, PSHE, IT and a Modern Foreign Language (either French or German). We provide personalised provision for those pupils who need additional support in order to make sure they can reach their full potential this is always in the best interest of the child and often is informed by external support.


Students select 4 options in year 9 to study at Key Stage 4. In addition to the core offer of maths, English, PSHE, PE and Science students can select from the following subjects at GCSE/Level 2 (Business Studies, Triple Science, Art, Food and Nutrition, Design Technology. Sociology, Music, IT, PE, Geography, History, French and German). We appreciate that no cohort is the same, the subjects on offer each year are carefully tailored to fit each cohort’s option preferences in order to create a personalised and bespoke curriculum offer. Our curriculum is constantly reviewed and developed to reflect students’ abilities, interests and career aspirations, together with our enrichment provision and personalised careers guidance. 


PSHE is a subject through which students develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy and safe, and prepare for life and work in modern Britain. Evidence shows that well-delivered PSHE programmes have an impact on both academic and non-academic outcomes for students, particularly the most vulnerable and disadvantaged.’ PSHE Association 2019 The PSHE curriculum aims to provide a coherent programme of personal, health, social, citizenship and careers education. As a school we aim to encourage high aspirations so as to maximise progress and to enable all pupils to experience the joy of success. Our aims for PSHE also reflect the PSHE Association standards which is to equip students to live healthy, safe productive, capable, responsible and balanced lives through core themes of health and wellbeing, relationships and living in the wider world. Our intent is to provide an academic PSHE curriculum that provides opportunities for students to reflect on and clarify their own values and attitudes and explore complex and sometimes conflicting range of values and attitudes they encounter now and in the future. 


 It is our aim to enable all teachers in all subjects to meet the needs of all students through highly effective teaching and learning. All students have access to a broad and balanced mainstream curriculum alongside their peers. At Ridgeway Secondary School we are committed to offering an inclusive curriculum to ensure the best possible progress for all our students, whatever their needs or abilities. We believe that all children have an equal right to a full and rounded education, which will enable them to achieve their full potential. We consistently strive to secure special educational provision for students for whom this is required, that is ‘additional to and different from’ that provided within the differentiated curriculum.

Ridgeway 360

Alongside our challenging and ambitious curriculum offer, we recognise that a student’s life at school goes further than just what happens in a classroom; it comprises all experiences offered within our school. Our ‘Ridgeway 360’ approach guarantees that every child will have the opportunity to discover and develop lifelong interests and talents throughout their time at secondary school. Ridgeway 360’ aims to highlight the different opportunities that are available at Ridgeway Secondary School. None of these are compulsory (with the exception of Geography fieldwork at GCSE) however, we have carefully planned trips and events to be spaced out, where possible, and ensure that all year groups get a variety of opportunities offered to them. All trips offered will be communicated to parents in good time. Financial support is also available for anyone in receipt of pupil premium/ free school meals. ‘Ridgeway 360’ ensures that all enrichment activities are directly related to the curriculum studied. We have high ambitions for all pupils at Ridgeway Secondary school and we want them to leave us as confident, responsible, independent and resilient young people. Ridgeway 360, sits at the heart of this. Throughout their time at Ridgeway we want all students to have the opportunity to develop in four key areas: Social, Mental, Physical and Academic. Our wider curriculum offer is planned with these pillars of development in mind. 

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