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Welcome to the online safety guidance page. This page focuses on providing guidance on how to keep safe online for both young people and parents. The page is designed to showcase some of the work that students have undertaken to develop their knowledge about keeping themselves safe online, as well as showcasing some of the benefits of using the Internet too.

At Ridgeway we use a comprehensive package of online safety materials to support our in school delivery and parental engagement and awareness around the risks associated with the online world. A link for this package is below where parents can access webinars and factsheets so they can adapt to the ever changing realm of online experiences young people have access to.

National Online Safety

The world wide web is a place for learning, entertainment and socialising. It is almost impossible today, to remove access to the Internet from our children. It is our view that children should be taught how to use the world wide web for exploring the world around them. The world wide web is a safe place for our children to use, as long as they know how to use it properly and take advice. Unfortunately, like everyday life, there are dangers on the world wide web but as long as you know what to watch out for then you should be safe.

This webpage is not a comprehensive service describing every do and don’t but it does give basic advice on what to watch out for and where to gain further information which should help us all keep our online experience safe and secure.

Some of the video resources and material/guidance on the site has come from the CEOP and ‘Think u know’ websites, which have much more detailed advice from Government agencies. We would strongly advise you to explore the content on these sites further, if possible.

Internet Safety for Parents and Guardians
Internet Matters
Think U Know

Do you know who is talking to your child?
Be Cyber Safe Warwickshire

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