Ridgeway Secondary School is renowned for its comprehensive and exceptional mental health and wellbeing support, ensuring a holistic approach to student welfare. The school’s commitment to mental health is evident through its tiered support system, encompassing a core, targeted, and specialist offer that caters to the diverse needs of its student body.

At the core level, Ridgeway Secondary School integrates mental health education into its curriculum, promoting awareness and resilience among all students. This foundational layer includes regular wellbeing sessions, assemblies focused on mental health topics, and classroom activities designed to encourage open discussions about emotional wellbeing. These initiatives are instrumental in creating a supportive school culture where mental health is prioritized and stigma is actively challenged.

For students requiring additional support, the targeted offer provides more personalized interventions. Ridgeway employs trained mental health first aiders who are equipped to identify and respond to early signs of mental health issues. These staff members offer immediate, confidential support and can facilitate access to further help if needed. The school also runs various support groups and peer mentoring programs, ensuring that students have multiple avenues to seek assistance.

The specialist offer at Ridgeway Secondary School is particularly impressive, featuring an onsite educational mental health practitioner (EMHP). This professional provides expert support and therapeutic interventions for students with more complex mental health needs. The EMHP works closely with students, families, and staff to develop individualized care plans, ensuring that each student receives tailored support. Additionally, the school employs specialist staff dedicated to student welfare, including counselors and pastoral care workers who provide consistent, ongoing support.

Ridgeway’s commitment to mental health and wellbeing is further reflected in its continuous professional development for staff, ensuring they are well-equipped to support students effectively. The comprehensive approach taken by Ridgeway Secondary School not only addresses immediate mental health needs but also fosters a resilient, supportive community, preparing students for lifelong mental wellbeing. This holistic and inclusive strategy sets Ridgeway apart as a beacon of best practices in school-based mental health support.

Tiered MH Strategy