Headteacher's Welcome

Thank you for visiting our website. We, like you, want the very best outcomes for your children and for them to develop into happy, fully rounded people. In that respect we are a small school with a big responsibility.

We are a school with big ambitions and a big future. This is an exciting time to be at Ridgeway, a time of change, and we are working tirelessly to achieve the aim of becoming a successful, small secondary school where students achieve exceptional results.

Students at Ridgeway are happy, polite and well behaved, supported by their peers and a pastoral system which nurtures and guides students to make good decisions and gain experiences that prepare them for the world of work and later life. There is something about being at Ridgeway, maybe it comes from being a small school and the advantages that brings for students and staff in forging positive relationships and friendships. We are a small school, a friendly school, a big family.

Our mission is to develop the whole person and we are committed to Ridgeway 360° for all our students and staff. Ridgeway 360° is at the heart of what it means to be at Ridgeway and underpins everything we do both inside and outside the classroom, developing young people and staff academically, mentally, physically and socially so that they leave our school a fully rounded person, equipped to meet the challenges of the next steps they take.

Ridgeway is about people. It is a place where we know our students, our staff and where every single person counts and is recognised for making a difference to our success. We hope that by visiting our website you will gain a sense of what it means to be at Ridgeway.

Mr M Ball – Interim Headteacher