Media Overview

Why do we study Media Studies? 

Today we’re surrounded by media wherever we look. There’s the internet, TV, film, radio, magazines, papers … the list goes on. Not only is Media Studies interesting and relevant, but it also gives you valuable skills to help understand the world around you. Media studies encourages conversations about politics, society, culture and ethics, as well looking at real life case studies that are up to date. As Media becomes more accessible it is important that today’s youth understand how it works and why it works. 

KS4 – The Media Studies course is relevant, eye-opening, and beneficial for today’s youth. You’ll learn about media theory and practice, covering, Media industries – worth £977 billion globally, a range of different types of Media – like social media, films, TV programmes and radio, new technologies – an exciting aspect of media that’s growing in importance, for example, editing, filming and analysis of media texts. Media Studies involves written exams and non-exam assessment (where students can create their own media products, like film trailers or music videos), it really does benefit every student.