Mr M Ball

Mr M Ball

Oversight of whole school, ethos, vision and strategic direction

Mr Ball joined the school in June 2019 as Deputy Headteacher. As a PE teacher, he started teaching in 1998, working in Secondary schools in Hampshire and Gloucestershire, where he spent 17 years at The Dean Academy, becoming a Head of Year before undertaking a wide range of responsibilities over 12 years as part of the senior leadership team.

He was appointed to the permanent position of Headteacher at Ridgeway Secondary School in September 2023 and is immensely proud of the improvements that have been made for our students in such a short space of time.

His key responsibilities at Ridgeway Secondary School include:

  • To ensure that the ethos and vision for the school is shared within the school community and are achieved and maintained through developing the whole person (Ridgeway 360°).
  • To identify clear priorities for school improvement and ensure that strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation is in place.
  • To have oversight of school policies and procedures approved by the MAT and governing body.
  • To have oversight of the school budget.
  • The recruitment and retention of staff, their management, deployment & remuneration, well-being and workload.
  • Student Admissions and appeals.
  • To work with Governors & Members and liaise with: Trust, Trust CEO, Executive Head Studley, HTs from other Trust Schools, LA, DfE, RSC, local schools, community.
  • To ensure that the school curriculum is well planned and delivered and that students achieve the best possible outcomes.
  • To ensure compliance and data protection & information management.
  • To liaise with the press and ensure effective communication between all stakeholders.