Head of Academic Development

Holly Cave

Area of Responsibility – My area of responsibility is academics, meaning I oversee most of what happens during your learning time.

Mission – My vision for my area is to make sure that students enjoy learning, no matter what lesson and to make those lessons not only more enjoyable but to increase the amount of information learnt.

What I love about Ridgeway – I love Ridgeway but most of all I love the atmosphere, everyone is welcoming and warm.

Favourite subject – Personally, my favourite subjects are History and English, this is because I love inference, knowing what happened during historical events and how to analyse them.

Interests outside of school – Outside of school I enjoy meeting up with my friends and relaxing, I love listening to music.

When I leave – When I leave ridgeway, I would like to study history, sociology and English literature at sixth form and continue my education all the way through to university.

In the future – In the future I would maybe like to be Prime Minister or have a job within History.

Head of Mental Development

Finley Breeze

Area of Responsibility – My area of responsibility in the mental health of the students who attend Ridgeway.

Mission – My vision for the school it to get back to what it was like before COVID!  For us to be able to go on trips again, have the school fares, and make school life more interesting and rewarding, so it is not “all” about education; it’s about life skills, having fun, and creating a good mental wellbeing.

What I love about Ridgeway – What I love about Ridgeway is that it is a small school, so it is easy to create relationships with the students and teachers.

Favourite subject – My favourite subjects are Maths and Art, because with maths numbers make more sense to me and with art you can be as creative as you want to be.

Interests outside of school – My interests outside of school are tennis and I play the drums.

When I leave – When I leave Ridgeway, I would like to go to sixth form and study Accountancy, Economics and Business Studies.

In the future – In the future I would like to become an accountant.

Head of Social Development

Abi Dodd

Area of Responsibility – The area of focus that I am responsible for are the social aspects within the school.

Mission – Before I leave, I hope to help students feel more comfortable and included amongst their peers.  I believe that this will encourage students to have a more enjoyable time here at Ridgeway.

What I love about Ridgeway – I have been a student at this school for seven years and really love the sense of community between students.

Favourite subject – My favourite subject is Science but more specifically Chemistry, this is because it has a balance of Maths, English and problem solving.

Interests outside of school – Outside of school I spend a lot of time with my friends, making the most of the time we have left before we leave in the summer.

When I leave – After leaving Ridgeway, I would like to go to Worcester Sixth Form College to study A levels.

In the future – I am currently unsure of which career path is right for me but I am looking into Medical Science and Modelling.

Head of Physical Development

Harvey Fereday

Area of Responsibility – My main focus is to help improve the physical and sporting aspects of the school as I think it is very important to participate in sport or physical activity.  It helps with health and fitness but also mental health and the development of social skills.

Mission – I want to help develop the sports and physical activities for students of all abilities and interests.

What I love about Ridgeway – At Ridgeway, I love how small the school is which creates a family vibe and a good community.

Favourite subject – My favourite subject is PE.  I love sport and learning about how and why the body works the way it does during physical activity.

Interests outside of school – Outside school, I play football for Kidderminster Harriers.

When I leave – I want to continue studies in PE and Business.

In the future – I would love to progress to a high level in football and have a long and successful career in sport or business.