Headteacher’s Welcome

mike.jpgWelcome to Ridgeway Secondary School. We aim to create a thriving learning community in which every individual can achieve their highest standards.

We can do this because we care passionately about the progress and development of every student’s journey into adult life, and work in partnership with all those who share in this enterprise.

Ridgeway is a happy and successful school. Its success depends upon the quality of the relationships between the people within it and our parents, carers and wider community.

We believe we can all work together to help your child aim higher and achieve more in an environment where they will learn skills for life.

If this is the first contact you have had with the school, we hope that this website will provide you with a clear picture of what we have to offer. If you already know us, then we are sure that it will remind you of the high standards of teaching and learning we provide.

In both cases there is a lot to find out about the school and, just like any complex organisation, the best way is to visit the school. There will be a number of opportunities for families to do this, but if you would like to make a personal appointment to discuss any specific matters, you are welcome to do so.

At Ridgeway we seek to instil in children positive attitudes, a sense of purpose, high standards of work and behaviour, and high self-esteem. We value the individual, whilst encouraging a sense of responsibility to others around us.

Ridgeway is a school for the community and values the relationship it has with you, both as parents and as residents in the local area. It is very important that you feel fully involved in your child’s education.

We invite you to browse through our website and see just how much Ridgeway can offer you and your child.

Mike Bennett

Head Teacher