The end of term is an important point in the Ridgeway calendar as it gives us an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and successes of the school community. This end of term assemblies were no different! Subject teachers nominate students that have displayed efforts, progress and achievement in their department areas. Alongside these, we also recognise students who have demonstrated our ‘Ridgeway 360’ values:

Academic – This award is given to the students in each year group that has made exceptional academic progress, this will be a student that shows the school values at all times. They go above and beyond in the classroom and regularly achieve exceptional outcomes. This person has a thirst for learning and shines in all subjects.

Social – This person is a credit to their year group for what they offer socially, they are a good friend, polite, well-mannered and confident in front of others. They are welcoming to guests and may have represented the school at whole school events. They perhaps take leadership roles at school and make everyone feel valued in their company.

Physical – For this award, the person needs to have demonstrated exceptional physical qualities, this could be in the arts and practical subjects such as PE. This person may have represented the school in a number of different ways and gets involved in the wider school life: extra-curricular clubs, fixtures, competitions and events to represent the school are an area where this person thrives.

Mental – This person is resilient, they show courage every day and regularly overcome barriers in front of them. They have worked tirelessly to ensure they are in school no matter what is in front of them and approach things with a positive attitude. This student may not always get it right or may sometimes need support, but their grit and determination make them a success.

A massive well done to all our winners, especially those who achieved a ‘360’ award!