Assemblies are constantly reviewed and adapted to deal with national, local and school issues. Assemblies offer benefits to students whereby they receive consistent information and become familiar with Pastoral, Head of House and Senior Leaders.

Some of the key significance of assemblies for our students:

  • Reinforcing and promoting British Values
  • Focusing on one of the pillars of Ridgeway 360
  • Reinforcing Ready Respectful and Safe
  • Celebrating key events throughout the year
  • Understand the world around us
  • Develop core values
  • Learn valuable lessons/social discipline
  • Confidence building
  • Reward and celebration

Students line up in alphabetical order which improves their response time in case of a building evacuation or fire drill. Assemblies allow staff to speak to the whole school on issues that they are passionate about, while also helping the school deliver it’s ethos and values. The student leadership team also conduct assemblies and this offers them the opportunity to communicate to peers, improve self-confidence and model positive behaviour for others.

Assembly Rota:

Monday – KS2 Assembly.

Tuesday – KS3 Assembly

Wednesday – KS4 Assembly

Thursday – No Assemblies

Friday – Celebration Assemblies (Half Termly)