Year 7 Transition

Mr M Bennett – Headteacher
Michael Bennett 2
Mr Bennett is our Headteacher responsible for safeguarding and the strategic direction of the school you will see him in school regularly walking the corridors and popping into classrooms his office door is always open and not far behind him will be Lottie our school dog.

Mr M Ball – Deputy Headteacher
Matthew Ball 2
Mr Ball is our Deputy Headteacher and is in charge of all things curriculum. He is responsible our school data, assessment and reporting.

Mr J Worton – Assistant Headteacher
Jack Worton 2

Mr Worton is our Assistant Headteacher in charge of SEND and Teaching and Learning, he oversees PE and works closely with Mrs Edwards and Mrs Gallagher.

Mr Hewitt – School Business Manager
Ashley Hewitt 2
Mr Hewitt is our School Business Manager, he is responsible for both the day-to-day and strategic running of the school.

Mrs Edwards and Mrs Gallagher – Head of Key Stage 3
Claire Gallagher 2
Mrs Gallagher
See Mrs Edwards in the video below:
Both staff are in charge of KS3 and lead pastorally across three year groups. These will be the people you see a lot of and will lead you until the end of year 9.

Mrs Gibbs – Pastoral Lead
Claire Gibbs 2
Mrs Gibbs is our Pastoral Support member of staff and is always there if you need a chat or someone to listen to you. She is passionate about you getting the best out of your time at Ridgeway and her door is always open.

Miss Powell – Teacher

Miss Nicholls – Teacher