Year 10 Work Experience

Work Placement Form

Yr10 Work Experience – What is it?

All Year 10 students spend one week with an employer to see what the working world is really like. Dates will be confirmed but usually it takes place during the summer term

Why do work experience?

Work experience gives young people the opportunity to develop valuable skills they will need in the work place. It gives students a chance to;

  • Practice, develop and acquire skills such as communication, problem solving, customer awareness, punctuality, follow instruction etc).
  • Work with experts in the field
  • Learn more about the working world
  • Gain experience of the working environment.
  • See what expectation employers have for their employee

Choosing a Placement

Mrs Nesbitt and Mr Worton have ensured that there is a structure in place for you. There are two ways students choose their placements

  1. EBP Website

This is an Worcestershire County Council Database which has employers who have offered work experience in the past. When EBP goes live it will list the employers who have agreed to take students on during their one week work experience.

  1. Arrange your own placement.

students are welcomed and encouraged to find their own placement. students can try local shops, or ask their family, friends etc to see if there are any work experience opportunities. If students want to get their own placement using the Ridgeway form they need to make sure they do this in a professional way. Mrs Nesbitt can discuss this with students before they do this if they need help.

Please Note – If students don’t fine a work experience placement, the school team will allocate the best placement they can. Some students in the past have been disappointed by what they have been given. To avoid this students are encouraged to actively look for and find something for themselves.

How to Choose

  • Think about your interests.
  • Choose placements that will help you in the future (part-time work or career)
  • Select placements that are close by and easy to get to.

Points to bear in mind when choosing a placement:

  • Find your own placement where possible – that way you’ll get the placement you want.
  • A placement does not have to be related to future career plans – the main aim is to develop confidence and to understand the world of work.
  • Sort out your placement early – MAKE SURE YOU MEET THE DEADLINES.
  • Get help if you are stuck.
  • Make sure you find something – if you don’t then the school will place you.
  • students who are unhappy with their placements and want to change are likely to incur an administration charge.
  • Placements located out of Worcestershire may incur a £30 charge.

Insurance and Health and Safety

Employers providing work experience placements must be approved by the Worcestershire County Council and have insurance to cover young people under the age of 16. All the information on health and safety is set out in the Information for Parents leaflet which you can find below.

Work Experience Preparation

students will have several assemblies about Work Experience to help with their preparation. Any questions can be directed to tutors, subject teachers, year team or Mrs Nesbitt for support.

Work Experience Diary

students will receive their work experience diary prior to going out on work experience and are expected to complete it during the week.

The diary is for students to keep a record on what they are doing each day, and employer/parents/guardians and staff can make comments in the diary. The diary needs to be
returned to Mrs Nesbitt on the first morning back at school. Prizes will be awarded for the best work experience diary and placement.

Staff Visit

Ridgeway staff will try to visit all students during their work experience placement. If for any reason a visit can’t happen, a call with the employer will take place to find out how the student is getting on.