Rewards Letter

Dear Parent/Carer,

At Ridgeway Secondary School we want to ensure that we celebrate the successes within our community consistently and publicise the achievements our students make throughout their journey at the school. As you will be aware, in January we launched a new behaviour policy to raise standards across the school which has been successful. We do however recognise that with expectations must come incentives and we would like our students to make decisions because they are the right thing to do rather than because of the consequences they might be attached to.

During this academic term we will launch our new rewards policy that will prioritise student achievement in a number of ways and celebrate those in our community that regularly, meet and exceed the schools’ expectations. The policy will celebrate our students in a variety of ways including:

  • Verbal praise
  • ePraise Points
  • Subject certificates
  • Postcards
  • Lapel badges
  • Acknowledgement through assemblies
  • Positive phone call home
  • Public display of high-quality work
  • Half Termly celebrations
  • Termly Events
  • ePraise shop items
  • Formal Awards Evening
  • VIP Awards

Lapel Badges:

ePraise Points form the backbone of our rewards system and can be given by any member of staff and are awarded for being: Ready, Respectful or Safe.

  • Bronze                                  100 Points (Early Lunch)
  • Silver                                     200 Points (Non uniform day)
  • Gold                                      300 Points (£5 Voucher)
  • Platinum                              400 Points (£10 Voucher)
  • Headteacher’s Award   500 Points (£15 Voucher)

Students receive a certificate and a lapel badge which they receive weekly in tutor time on a Friday. Items in the ePraise shop will be available via Heads of Key Stage and students are seen personally by the Headteacher to congratulate them upon their achievement and success when achieving 500 points.

VIP Awards: 

Every member of staff is expected to award one VIP per lesson. Students collect VIPs throughout the term. During a rewards assembly each term the Headteacher will draw a VIP through a randomized generator with the winner receiving a prize which will be publicized at the start of each term.

More detail on the whole school rewards system can be found in the school’s rewards policy on the school website.

I am excited to celebrate the success of all our students this academic term and beyond, underpinned by this new system and look forward to writing to you later this term with some positive stories from the term.

Yours Sincerely,


Mr J Worton

Interim Deputy Headteacher