The rewards and sanction system at Ridgeway Secondary School is a key part of developing the potential of young people, and the relationships between staff and students, by giving recognition and praise. It is monitored by our strong tutor and pastoral team to ensure that efforts and achievements are recognised and behaviour that falls below expectations is monitored and intervention developed that supports young people in a timely manner, but also holds them accountable for actions and decisions made. 

Ridgeway is a school where a unique partnership exists between staff, parents, pupils and our wider community. We are proud of our school and the education and opportunities we offer. We promote excellence in all that we do so that everyone at Ridgeway can support the school aims: 




We believe that these aims are more likely to be achieved if there is a togetherness/partnership between the school, the pupils and the parents based on mutual trust, respect and understanding.

We believe that our school is on a journey to being outstanding and the aims above are central to our ethos of ‘developing the whole person’.

When students are displaying exceptional conduct, they will receive a VIP card. This VIP award will be allocated to one student in every lesson of every day.

Alongside this students can accumulate ePraise points which they receive incentives for in 100 point intervals.

Lapel Badges

ePraise Points form the backbone of our rewards system and can be given by any member of staff and are awarded for being: Ready, Respectful or Safe.

• Bronze 100 Points (Early Lunch)
• Silver 200 Points (Non uniform day)
• Gold 300 Points (£5 Voucher)
• Platinum 400 Points (£10 Voucher)
• Headteacher’s Award 500 Points (£15 Voucher)

Students receive a certificate and a lapel badge which they receive in weekly in tutor time on a Friday. Items in the ePraise shop will be available via Heads of Key Stage and students are seen personally by the Headteacher to congratulate them upon their achievement and success when achieving 500 points.

A variety of methods of rewards exist at Ridgeway Secondary School which include:
• Verbal praise
• ePraise Points
• Subject certificates
• Postcards
• Lapel badges – See below
• Acknowledgement through assemblies
• Positive phone call home
• Public display of high-quality work
• Half Termly celebrations
• Termly Events
• ePraise shop items
• Formal Awards Evening

• Rewards increase the motivation of all students, encouraging their self-esteem, aspirations and enjoyment of learning.
• The practice of giving assists the school in maintaining and increasing the quality of teaching and learning.
• The giving of rewards encourages all students to achieve. Thus, they will receive ePraise points for achievement throughout the school in all context.
• The system of giving rewards supports the role of the tutor in celebrating success and helps facilitate the awareness of achievement of other members of staff and parents.
• Every member of staff will praise students for good or improved work and effort using the
following systems.
• Rewards support and promote good behaviour and should be used alongside the sanctions policy.

Points are awarded on ePraise as achievement points.
• Department rewards – positive text messages, praise post cards, telephone calls, verbal
• End of Term Awards in assemblies
• Whole School Rewards and Single Events
• Headteacher’s Award (termly) 
• Headteacher’s Commendation – recognising and acknowledging excellence and good

Our Rewards Policy can be seen here: Rewards Policy 2022