Tutor System 

We operate a mixed age tutor system (vertical tutoring) here at Ridgeway.  This means that each tutor group consists of three to four students from each year group. There are three Houses; Attenborough, Owens, Rowling.  Siblings are in the same House but rarely in the same tutor group.  Each Key Stage has a teaching Head of Key Stage and a non-teaching Student and Family Support Worker.  The tutor is responsible for the pastoral care of the tutees with support from those above. 

The tutor groups meet for twenty minutes on a daily basis.  Tutor time forms a strong part of our curriculum offer and is planned for accordingly. Across the week, each tutor group will: 

  • Complete an academic focus task 
  • Take part in a Key Stage assembly 
  • Complete a PSHE focus task 
  • Compete in a weekly quiz 
  • Use one session for ePraise analysis (house points, demerits, attendance etc). 

The role of the form tutor 

The form tutor, at Ridgeway Secondary School, forms an integral part to our pastoral offer and the well-being of all pupils. They: 

  • Are a first ‘port of call’  
  • Are a pastoral guide  
  • Are an academic guide  
  • Routinely use data effectively to support young people and their families 
  •  Help promote and develop key elements that we want to foster in our young people (leadership and citizenship for example) 
  • Help improve parental engagement  
  • Help to support positive behaviours for learning