Small School… Big Experiences

At Ridgeway we deliver a broad and extensive Personal Development curriculum within form time. This time is spent developing each student in our four pillars of development: Academically, Socially, Physically and Mentally. In this time students will cover topics ranging from how to stay safe online and making healthy friendships to leading an active life and how to reduce stress and study effectively.

In addition to the Personal Development curriculum, we also offer an extensive enrichment programme to all students every Thursday afternoon after school. These sessions have a link to one of the schools’ pillars and activities include everything from learning an ancient language to self-defence. Alongside this, students have access to extra-curricular clubs in other areas across the week from competitive sport and activities to music and the arts.

At Ridgeway we understand that learning about who we are and developing as a person does not just happen in the classroom. There are those priceless experiences that we all remember from our time at school. The residential trips, visits and sports fixtures that build character and forge memories that stay with us until today.

As students’ progress through the school, they have opportunities to take advantage of trips and experiences outside of the classroom. Ski trips, residentials for outdoor activities, foreign exchange visits, sports tours, museum visits and theatre performances all feature in the programme. The school also offers the Duke of Edinburgh Award to its students from Year 9 onwards with students achieving both bronze and silver levels of the award.