Sociology Overview

Why do we study Sociology? 

The sociology curriculum offers students the opportunity to study society in the UK today. The sociology curriculum aims to give students a broad understanding of the structures and processes that exist in society through the study of a range of perspectives such as Functionalism, Marxism and Feminism. Students examine families, education, stratification and crime and how they may advantage or disadvantage different groups in society. Through studying sociology, students will develop critical thinking skills and be able to debate current affairs. Students learn about cultural capital as part sociology and they are encouraged to seek out knowledge and experience that enhances and adds to their learning. 

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Sociology curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact 

Intent – Studying sociology gives students the opportunity to delve deeper into society and understand how it functions through critically examining ways of life. The Sociology curriculum is aiming to create young Sociologists who evaluate society around them and allow them to gain an appreciation of how and why society works in the way that it does. Students will be exposed to a range of sociological skills and knowledge as well as an appreciation for the work of key sociologists in the past and present. We are aiming to develop skills of analysis and evaluation through studying a range of topics, expecting that students being critical thinkers when examining the world.  

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