Ridgeway Performance

SATS data 2018

This is an analysis of the 2016/17 year 5 students vs the 2015/16 SAT’s results. The data demonstrates that a significant amount of students enter our school lower than national expectations.
Reading = 41% at national expectations on entry to Ridgeway
Maths = 42% at national expectations on entry to Ridgeway
Combined = 33% at national expectations on entry to Ridgeway
students attainment on entry is also much lower than where the students are assessed to be at the end of KS1 (56% difference in both reading and maths).

The data also demonstrates that students make accelerated progress during years 5 and 6 at Ridgeway.

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2016 Sats Information


Historical Progress Data

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Please see the Department for Education’s School Perfomance Tables for Ridgeway Secondary School here: http://www.education.gov.uk/cgi-bin/schools/performance/school.pl?urn=139029

Worcestershire County Council have completed Health Profiles for each school in the county. This reports details statistics that the school can use to support the health and well-being of Ridgeway students.

You can view the report here.