How do I apply?

You need to apply online or by using your council’s application form. You apply through your local council even if you are applying for a school in another council area. Places are not decided by the school.

What time can my child arrive at school?

The school day starts at 8:45 am so students need to be on-site before this time and can wait on the playground.

What time can my child stay at school?

School finishes at 3:00 pm. We also offer lots of extra-curricular opportunities after school which your child can get involved in that cover all areas of the curriculum. Each Thursday we offer a club ran by every member of staff from Jewellery Making to Photography. All extra-curricular sessions finish at 4:15pm Contact for more information.

How can my child get to school?

Many children walk or cycle to school. However, if you live further away there are some buses that will get you to school or near to the school. We have our own school bus run by Diamond buses – the R12. There is also the 12 and Feckenham bus services. For more information, contact

What about homework expectations?

Homework is set weekly on ‘EPraise’ by most subjects but some subjects will set longer project work. Deadlines will be clear and give students plenty of time to complete the work set. Our ‘Home Learning Policy’ offers more information on this topic.

What are the canteen arrangements?

Students can choose to bring in a packed lunch or buy food on site. Students are able to buy hot and cold food at break and lunchtime. Parents need to have a ‘ParentPay’ account and money should be added to this so that students can purchase food in school using a cashless system.

Which subjects will my child study?

At Ridgeway Secondary School, we offer a broad and balanced curriculum. Students study all compulsory National Curriculum subjects. They also get a choice of language. When they get to KS4 (year 10 onwards) and select their GCSE options, students are given a huge variety of subjects to choose from that can be seen in the curriculum section.

How are students grouped?

On arrival, students will be put in both ability based sets using previous data and Teacher Assessments from primary or first school and mixed ability groups depending on the subject and year group. During the first term, students will be assessed and changes to groups will be made if necessary.

What clubs and activities can they get involved in?

Clubs are a huge part of Ridgeway Secondary School, both at lunchtime and after school. Check out our website for further details!

What SEND support is available?

Ridgeway Secondary is a nurturing and inclusive school. The school has two SENDCo’s who direct and lead SEND across the school. If your child has an EHCP, they will be supported by a TA as per the guidance in their EHCP. For needs that aren’t documented on an EHCP, the team will decide how best to support your child. Needs will also be met by teachers in their planning of lesson content through quality first teaching. Use of external agencies is crucial in this support and we have the access to support from our Educational Psychologist and Chadsgrove School Support Services.

How does the pastoral team work?

When your child joins Ridgeway Secondary School, they will be assigned to a House: Attenborough, Rowling and Owens They will also become a member of a personal development group which means there are members from each year group across the school. Your child’s personal development tutor is your first point of contact. They also have a Head of Key Stage who is both responsible for their academic progress and over-seeing pastoral issues in school. We are very proud of our pastoral system and the support we are able to provide to our students.
Pastoral support functions under the umbrella of Student Services at Ridgeway where the offer is extensive and caters for all educational and pastoral needs.

What will transition to secondary school look like for my school?

Transition begins in Spring term. Our transition coordinator visits all our feeder schools to begin working with teachers and staff to gather information about our new Year 7s. We run a two-day induction programme in Summer term, which is a great opportunity for you to start to get to know the school and meet new friends and teachers. Your first day at Ridgeway Secondary School will give you a chance to settle during the morning session where you will get used to the school site and its systems. Our transition process lasts right up until October half-term, with tutors and class teachers communicating with home about the induction process.

How are students rewarded at Ridgeway Secondary School? How is behaviour and bullying dealt with?

We believe in celebrating the successes of our pupils. We do this through a whole host of rewards: ePraise Points, postcards (celebrating our core values), celebration assemblies, vouchers and our end of term rewards activities.
Poor behaviour and incidents of bullying are not tolerated. Our behaviour for learning and anti bullying policies support students and their understanding of the consequences of poor choices and poor behaviour.
Three simple rules are expected from all in the community at Ridgeway Secondary School:-
– Ready
– Respectful
– Safe

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

Your first point of contact is always your child’s form tutor. You can also contact your child’s Head of Key Stage if you feel it is necessary. If you are unsure who to direct your question/concern to, you can contact the office (via phone or email) and they will be able to direct you to the most appropriate person.