At Ridgeway Secondary School we feel every minute of the school day is invaluable. We have high expectations of our students throughout every lesson to ensure all students make maximum progress. 

Our model for teaching and learning is research led and centred around Rosenshine’s principles of instruction. These principles are based on how learners process and remember old and new information. This is done through 4 main sections;  

  • Sequencing concepts and modelling 
  • Questioning 
  • Reviewing and retrieving material 
  • Stages of practice

Our lessons all follow a 5-strand template with the above features running throughout. Questioning forms a large part of lessons at Ridgeway with a focus on higher order and targeted questions to develop the explanatory and analysis skills of all our students.  

 In planning curricula, departments are developing sequenced and coherent curriculum plans to allow students to track and take control of their learning from KS2 through to KS4. These plans include topics, knowledge and skills that are learned and transferable throughout. This facilitates students to develop cognitive learning skills as well as their ability to retrieve knowledge from long- and short-term memories. This is achieved by frequent recaps of previous learning through effective retrieval activities and curriculums being carefully written to ensure interleaving of learning.  

 At Ridgeway we believe in developing the whole person through our Ridgeway 360 vision. We want our students to not only gain the knowledge and skills to succeed academically but to also leave Ridgeway Secondary School as well-rounded members of society.  

 At Ridgeway we want to develop students but also staff. We hold weekly CPD training for all staff to develop their pedagogical understanding to best meet the needs of every single student in our school.