The Key Stage 3 curriculum  is designed so that students widen their breadth of subject knowledge and refine and develop skills.

Our intention is to provide every one of our students with the necessary time and teaching needed to fully embed their knowledge and skills and ensure that they are ready and equipped to meet the demands of their chosen GCSE courses.

  • The skills that all students need (creativity, collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking and communication), to be successful in school and in life are naturally developed within lessons and the school environment.
  • A knowledge-based approach to the curriculum is accessible for all learners and therefore we do not expect to see differentiated tasks or objectives in lessons. Instead, we keep scaffolding in place for longer whilst maintaining our high standards so that the students can master the essential elements of the curriculum.
  • We firmly believe that improving students’ reading, building their vocabulary and their knowledge of language is a prerequisite of success.  Literacy is a focus across the curriculum through being promoted in all subjects as well as explicitly during reading lessons and tutor periods.
  • Students are taught in form groups for the majority of their subjects in Key Stage 3. English, mathematics, science and modern foreign languages set their classes
  • PE is taught in single-sex groups.
  • The PSHRE programme and collective worship tutorials are designed to develop students’ social, moral and cultural development as well as understanding British values and culture.
  • Students’ spiritual development is delivered through RE, PSHCE and collective worship tutorials.
  • The extra-curricular programme enriches students learning, opening opportunities to experiences that broaden students’ horizons.
  • At Key Stage 3 we do not narrow the curriculum. We expect students to learn arts and technology-based subjects alongside the core curriculum offer. In Year 9 students choose the options subjects they want to study in Years 10 and 11. Students choose four option subjects to complement their core curriculum. Year 9 students continue to have access to extra-curriculum clubs and opportunities in the subjects they are no longer studying.