The curriculum at Key Stage 2 develops student’s key skills and introduces them to a wide range of subjects and knowledge through the discover and explore curriculums.

English and maths skills are at the heart of the Key Stage 2 curriculum and are developed and refined through the subjects taught such as Geography and History.  The wide breadth of subjects taught at Key Stage 2 gives students an engaging and enjoyable experience that prepares students for the transition to Key Stage 3.

  • Specialist teachers in English, Maths, Science and Modern Foreign Languages.
  • Students follow a wide-ranging subject curriculum that allows them to discover and explore knowledge and that prepares them for study at Key Stage 3.
  • Literacy is a focus across all subjects and students follow a reading programme in tutor time.
  • Students are taught in tutor groups for the majority of their subjects.
  • Students’ spiritual development is delivered through RE, PSHCE.
  • The extra-curricular programme enriches students learning, opening opportunities to experiences that broaden students’ horizons.
2020 2019 2018
Average scaled score (Re, Ma) 103.0 102.0 104.2
% Expected standard + Re, Wr, Ma 63% 47% 57%
% Expected standard + Reading 67% 61% 72%
% Expected standard + Writing 67% 57% 83%
% Expected standard + GPS 70% 60% 68%
% Expected standard Maths 67% 71% 71%

*2020 data is from internal SATs assessments as external SATs examinations were cancelled.