School Policies & Guidance

Behaviour for Learning Protocols Policy 21-22

Behaviour Policy 2022

Home school agreement 2021-22

Ridgeway Secondary Admission Policy 2021 – revised code

Ridgeway Secondary Admission Policy 2022 – revised code

Peer on Peer Abuse (Sexual Harassment and Violence) Policy Nov 21

SEN information report 21-22

SEND_Policy 2021 – 2023

Safeguarding Policy 2021

Word Processor Policy 2020-21

Online safety Policy

Child Sexual Exploitation Policy

Academy Extremism Policy

Lost or Missing Children Policy

Anti Bullying Policy Review 2016

Personal use of Social Media

Complaints Procedure

Accessibility Plan

Charging and Remissions

Whistleblowing Policy

Privacy Statement – Students 2019

Privacy Statement – Staff 2019

Admission Arrangements

If you would like paper copies of any of the information above, please contact the school office.