Home School Agreement

Ridgeway Secondary School will:

  • provide a balanced curriculum which meets the individual needs of students
  • involve you in school life through regular newsletters, the school internet site and letters home
  • give progress reports and arrange parent evenings
  • maintain a safe environment
  • set high expectations of all students’ behaviour and work
  • contact parents if a problem occurs e.g. Attendance, punctuality or behaviour
  • nurture an atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance in which all members of our school community can flourish and achieve their potential

The family/parents/carers will:

  • ensure students arrive punctually at school by 8:45 am
  • encourage full attendance avoiding holidays in term time
  • arrange routine medical and dental appointments outside the school day
  • support school policies on discipline, bullying etc.
  • Let the school know about anything which might affect students’ work or behaviour
  • support students in homework and other opportunities for home learning
  • attend parents evening’s days to discuss students’ progress
  • do everything possible to help students achieve the best results and to fulfil their potential

students will:

  • be punctual and aim for 100% attendance
  • bring all the equipment you need each day
  • wear appropriate clothing
  • fulfil all homework, meeting deadlines
  • show respect for myself, for other people and for the school environment
  • get the best results I am capable of and achieve my potential
  • comply with reasonable requests from members of staff