Year 9 Assessment week 10th – 14th June 2019

Dear Parents/Carers,

From Monday, 10th to Friday, 14th June, all students in Year 9 will sit assessment tasks in their subjects. These assessments will inform students’ next reports and ensure that students are in the correct sets for their learning.

Could you please ensure that students have the appropriate equipment for these tests: 2 black pens, pencil, rubber, ruler, protractor, a pair of compasses and a calculator.


Subject Assessment Topics How your son/daughter can revise.


English Language Paper 2

Non-fiction focus with emphasis on writers’ viewpoints and perspectives.

1 hour 45 minutes in the hall.


·         students can prepare by reading newspaper articles and attempting to distinguish how the writer feels about the topic they are discussing i.e. is the writer for or against the topic they are discussing.


·         students should also revise the different forms of non-fiction writing i.e. structure and layout as they will be expected to write their own version of one of these text types.


Maths Assessment will be a single non calculator paper, taken in the hall.

1 hour and 30 mins in hall

●       Makes use of:

●       Books – work completed in Y9 so far.



Music Assessment of group composition in class ●       Rehearse for final compositions of songs/pieces.
GCSE PE Assessment – Paper 1 – Factors affecting physical performance – 1 Hour in hall.


●       Make use of:

●       Revision notes on school website revision links page.

●       OCR GCSE Bitesize

●       Exercise Books from lessons.

●       Revision booklet on school website.

Geography Nature of assessment:

Duration  – 1 hour

A range of previous exam questions on volcanoes, earthquakes, tropical storms,ecosystems, including UK, rainforest climate change.

In Hall

●       Make use of:

●       Work in your books.

●       Online support through BBC bitesize etc.

●       Exam guides.

●       Revision packs on the school website

Computer Science 1 hour written assessment paper focussed on ‘Memory’ – RAM & ROM, Virtual memory, secondary storage 1 optical & magnetic devices, 2  solid-state memory, capacity, speed and cost, 4 portability, durability, and reliability (in hall) Make use of the follow:

●       Teacher lead PowerPoints

●       Lesson activities

●       Dynamic Learning

●       GCSE Revision (PP)

●       Q&A

●       Lunch Club (R16)

History AQA Paper 1

2 hours

●       America Expansion and Consolidation

●       Conflict and Tension 1918 – 1939

In hall

●       All revision resources can be found on the history shared Google Drive and students have access to their books and revision booklets.


●       Revision has been set for homework on Show My Homework

AA          Art and Design Nature of assessment:

Duration- 1hour 30min

Personal research will have been completed before the exam.

Make use of:

●       Sketchbooks

●       Personal research

cOME   Combined Science  (Trilogy)




Assessment will consist of all 3 sciences (Biology, Chemistry & Physics).

Topic lists on revision packs in SMH.

Assessment – 1hr 30 mins in the hall.

Make use of:

●       Revision packs posted on SMH


●       Exercise books

SccCo  Triple Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)


3 assessments (1 for each separate science).


Topic lists in revision packs handed out.

3 papers, 1 hour each sat in the hall.

Make use of:

●       Revision packs handed out in class


●       Exercise books

French ·   AQA Foundation Writing (1 hour)

·   AQA Foundation Reading (45 minutes)

·   AQA Foundation Listening

(35 minutes)

●       Please use the link below to help revise for the upcoming End of Year Exams. Focus on the topic areas we have covered this year:

●       Me, My family and friends

●       Technology in everyday life

●       Free-time activities

●       Food and eating out

●        Customs and Festivals

●        Social and Global issues

●       Please also look at the Grammar section. Focus particularly on the verb tenses (Conditional, Present, Future (Simple VS. Near), Past (Perfect Vs. Imperfect)

●       The test that you will be given is an ‘actual’ exam paper from past years. For this reason, there maybe some topic areas that you have not yet seen. Don’t worry about this. To get an accurate idea of where you are at, I believe this to be the most accurate way of achieving this goal.

●       The revision link below is:


Spanish AQA

·   Foundation Writing (1 hour)

·   AQA Foundation Reading (45 minutes)

·   AQA Foundation Listening

(35 minutes)

For your upcoming you will need to revise the topics covered so far in year 9.These are:

·   Me, My family and friends

·   Technology in everyday life

·   Free-time activities

·   Food and eating out

·   Customs and Festivals

·   Where you live

Make sure you also revise the key grammar points that we have covered so far, with a particular emphasis on tenses. (present, preterit, conditional and near future. Also focus your attention on connectives, giving and explaining opinions, as well as negatives.

The tests you will take are actual exam papers from past years and therefore there might be topics that we ha not covered yet. Don’t worry about this. We hope to get a more accurate idea of your current level this way.

Sociology The assessment will consist of a paper based on the Family topic we have been studying. This will be a 1 hour written assessment.


Makes use of:

●       Books – work completed in Y9 so far.