Year 11 Mock Examinations – 9th to 20th November 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

Year 11 students will be sitting mock examinations under full examination conditions from the 9th to 20th November.

Currently, it is expected that Year 11 students will sit GCSE exams in the Summer of 2021.  Mock examinations are a vital part of GCSE preparation and give students an opportunity to experience performing under full exam conditions with external invigilators.  The results achieved provide the school and students with an accurate picture of the grades that students are working at and give teachers a picture of student strengths and areas to be developed.  Results will be used by the school to implement targeted intervention where appropriate.

It will not have escaped you that last year’s Year 11 students were awarded Centre Assessed Grades because of the cancellation of GCSE exams in the Summer.  These grades were awarded by the school after an extremely thorough process involving subject teachers.  The Mock exam results of students was one of many valuable pieces of evidence used when awarding those grades and highlights the importance of mock exams during this GCSE year.

Attached to this letter is a copy of the mock exam timetable.  Please make sure that you and your child are aware of when they have exams.  It is important that students have their own equipment.  They will need:

Black pens, pencils, ruler, protractor, compass, eraser, scientific calculator and a clear pencil case.

I am pleased that so many students have already begun revising for the exams.  If your child has not yet started this process they should now do so.  When students are not sitting exams, they will attend normal lessons where they will be able to continue to revise.  Catch up exam sessions will be arranged for students who miss exams due to absence.  All Year 11 students will attend an assembly prior to the start of mocks to go through the process in detail.

Yours sincerely,


M Ball

Deputy Head Teacher

Mock Exam Timetable W/C 09/11/2020


  Reg Lesson 1 Lesson 2 B Lesson 3 lunch Lesson 4 Lesson 5


9.05 10.05 11.05 11.25 11.25 12.25


1.00 2.00



History 2hr

Geography 1hr 30


Combined science Biology 1hr 15


Science Trilogy Biology 1hr 45





English Literature paper 1

1hr 45


MFL French reading H 45m

MFL Spanish H reading 45M

MFL French reading F 35 m

MFL Spanish reading 35m





Combined science- Physics 1hr 15

Science trilogy physics 1hr 45




1hr 30




PE paper 1 -1hr 30

Short course RE (CoPE) 1hr 30

D&T 2hr


      English Literature paper 2

(50 mins)




  English Language P1

1hr 45

      MFL French writing H 1hr 15

MFL Spanish writing H 1hr 15

MFL French Writing F 1hr

MFL Spanish Writing F 1 hr






Mock Exam Timetable W/C 09.11.2020


  Reg Lesson 1 Lesson 2 B Lesson 3 lunch Lesson 4 Lesson 5


9.05 10.05 11.05 11.25 11.25 12.25


1.00 2.00


  English Language paper 2

1hr 45






  Combined science chemistry 1hr 15


Science trilogy chemistry 1hr 45

      Business paper 1 1hr 30


Animal care 1hr 30

Sociology paper 1 1hr 30





  Maths paper 2 1hr 30    




Business paper 2 1hr 30





  Media 1hr 30


PE paper 2 1hr 30


Music 1hr 30

      Short course Re (cope) 1hr 30


Sociology paper 2 1hr 30





Food and nutrition 1hr 45








** NB Lunch will be changed during MOCK Exams