The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Dear Parent/Carer

During this new normal the school has had to adapt and change the way it has worked along with the whole nation. This, however, should not impact the hard work, exciting experiences, and priceless contribution the Duke of Edinburgh award has on the future development of our students.

The award is something that thrives on student interaction and is best delivered in person however in this current time that isn’t possible. We have been in continuous discussion with the Duke of Edinburgh Award Charity as well as out Approved Activity Provider to reach what we see as a best-fit solution. This communication could not come earlier due to all the variables that needed consideration and some finer details that are still unknown.

As you may be aware we run two levels of the award at Ridgeway Secondary School both Bronze and Silver. At this point, your child is enrolled on one of those programs and as a result of this has until their 25th birthday to complete that section of the award. With this in mind we will be suggesting the following plan:

  1. Any current year 9 students completing the Bronze Award will be deferred until year 10.
  2. Any current year 10 students completing the Silver Award should continue the other sections of their award except the expedition and this will be completed in 2021 after the GCSE exam period.
  3. There will be a Microsoft Team set up for both sections and all participants of the award so they can keep up to date with the latest information and receive direct support from our staff involved in the award.
  4. To stay up to date with the DofE updates directly please use this link:

We still strive to provide all students involved in the award with the best and most memorable experiences possible.

Thank you for your continued support.

Take care,

Mr J Worton

Assistant Headteacher