RE: Online Learning – The Ridgeway Offer

Dear Parent/Carer,

RE: Online Learning – The Ridgeway Offer

As we approach the second full week of another period of distance learning I would like to highlight to you the menu of provision we offer our students at Ridgeway Secondary School. It is important that you and your child understand the expectations, style and flexibility in the delivery of our online offer. From March 2020 the school has quickly adapted to a new way of working and has strived to ensure every child has access where possible to online learning. This was first done by developing what you will know as our online curriculum that is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices to enhance the accessibility of the resources needed to learn. As we worked our way through the first lockdown students began to engage with teachers at a fantastic rate and enjoyed ‘live’ support through their class teams on Microsoft Teams. Students experiences were not only however limited to the curriculum, but they were also able to engage in the wider things in school life from pastoral support to house competitions all helping to maintain the community feel we hold so dear at Ridgeway.

As we now find ourselves in a new lockdown, I would like to reinforce the things we have continued that are all listed above and introduce and confirm some changes going forward. From Monday all of the lessons posted online will feature a blend of support that will come in two different formats. Teachers, based on the content and knowledge being delivered will decide to either:

  1. Arrange a ‘live video’ session.
  2. Support PowerPoints or resources with their own voice or video that is pre-recorded.

There are many reasons behind the adoption of a blended model, these not only include the different demands and circumstances in every household, but also the importance that students can access work whenever they can and on a myriad of platforms to allow them to maintain good mental health and well-being. From Ridgeway Secondary School you can expect the following features for your child when learning online:

  1. Live support from teachers for every timetabled lesson.
  2. Appropriate and sequenced work following the school’s curriculum.
  3. 1-1 ‘live video’ support for students with EHCP or identified additional needs.
  4. Pastoral support from form tutors, heads of key stage and our student and family support worker where needed.
  5. Regular updates about the school and different enrichment events for students to take part in.
  6. Assemblies on a regular basis again following the blended approach. When ‘live video’ please encourage your child to attend.
  7. Feedback from all teachers on your child’s progress
  8. Work set through assignments on Microsoft Teams.

It is important that we also highlight the expectations we have of students when working online to ensure we achieve the best possible experience for all involved. Students are expected to:

  1. Complete all work set and upload via ‘Assignments’ to their teachers.
  2. Where possible to attend ‘live video’ sessions and follow the attached etiquette.
  3. Ensure the platforms provided through Office 365 are used appropriately.
  4. Ask for support If needed from teachers and staff through Microsoft Teams.

Online ‘Live Video’ Etiquette:

  1. Arrive on time.
  2. Use the ‘calendar’ section of Microsoft Teams to access your session.
  3. Turn off your microphone.
  4. Turn off your camera.
  5. Use the ‘raise hand’ feature to contribute.
  6. Use the chat function if you do not want to contribute verbally

We hope that the letter above allows you to understand our offer and how your child should engage with it. Thank you for your continued support during these strange yet familiar times.

Take care and stay safe.

Yours Sincerely,


Mr J Worton

Assistant Headteacher