RE: Face Coverings

Dear Parents and Carers

RE: Face Coverings

Following the announcement from the Prime Minister last night it was highlighted that the
number of Coronavirus cases across the country continue to rise rapidly. Added to this, we
are now approaching the time of year when respiratory illnesses, such as colds and flu, are
much more prevalent.

We have through-out the reopening of the school continued to monitor the situation at a
school and local area level working with the relevant authorities as required. We have after
extensive discussion since the Prime Ministers decided that we will now be asking all
students and staff to wear a face covering in corridors and communal areas.

This will be in effect from Monday 2 nd November 2020. This is the time when the corridors
are particularly busy with students and staff moving to lessons.

We feel this will add an extra level of protection to both staff and students as we move into
what is inevitably going to be a challenging winter period. We would ask that all students
bring a face covering to school each day, with a plastic bag to keep it in when it is not being

Additionally, to these measures we are now also asking parents and carers to wear a face
covering when waiting at the school gates or entering the school.

I would like to also take this opportunity to be remind all students that it is a legal
requirement for them to be wearing a face covering when traveling on public transport (if in
years 7 – 11).

I will write to you again later in the week outlining in more detail of any additional measures
that we will be required to put in to place upon review of our processes and risk

Finally, not only am I asking for your support in ensuring all students have a face covering,
but that you continue to support the school in reinforcing the importance of social
distancing and good hand hygiene, both inside and out of school.

Yours sincerely

Mr M Bennett
Head Teacher