Preparing your child for Year 11 and their GCSE Exams. 

Dear Parent/Carer

Preparing your child for Year 11 and their GCSE Exams.

At Ridgeway Secondary School, we are always reviewing and reflecting on ways in which we can best serve our Year 11 students as they enter this most crucial phase of their education. Below we would like to highlight some of the initiatives we have in place to support your child and accelerate their progress. 

Mock Exams.

During Year 11, students will sit two sets of mock exams taking place in November and March. After each, we will hold a parents evening to discuss the results and next steps in learning. These mocks are an opportunity to refine, utilise and apply good exam techniques and receive valuable advice from each subject teacher after the mock process is complete. It will allow students to prepare for the official summer examinations. The process will enhance a student’s awareness of next steps to improve their result and replicate the challenge of sitting so many exams in a condensed period.

Elevate Education.

Elevate education are a company with revision at its core. They are a research-based company that strive to educate young people around the tricks and tips to revising wisely and to their taste in order to minimise wasted time and maximise progress and results. They will be delivering 4 sessions throughout the year to Year 11 one of which has already been delivered. Within this 4-part package, they will also deliver to parents on the evening of the 10th October in a session which will enlighten parents on strategies they can utilise at home around exam season.

SENECA Learning.

Perhaps the most exciting addition to the Year 11 offer is SENECA. This software package is tailored to your child’s GCSE options linking to the appropriate exam board and offering them unlimited use of topical information and tests in a student friendly format which parents and teachers can track. It allows teachers to see areas of weakness, whereby students can quickly log on and make tweaks and improvements to their misconceptions and improve their understanding. Every student should now have a login and be part of a number of classes where their teacher will set assignments.

Parent Workshop.

On the evening of the 10th October, we will invite parents (see the additional letter on website and email) to attend an evening where they can speak to the Senior Leadership Team and Subject Leaders around exam preparation and what is to be expected when Mocks and the real thing arrive. If you wish to attend please complete the reply slip attached to the appropriate letter so we can cater appropriately.

Intervention and Revision. 

Intervention and extra revision sessions have begun at school and have been well received, we have however noticed that your child has not attended the sessions on offer so far and has shown disinterest towards them. We expect all students to dedicate time and effort to their studies and expect to see a rise in the number of students taking advantage of the sessions available. Again, please see the letter emailed to all Year 11 parents and on the school website for details regarding these sessions.

Coping with exam stress.

We are not oblivious of the obvious stress and pressure that comes with exams and are putting in appropriate and thorough support to ensure all students feel mentally prepared for the challenges ahead. students have access to careers advice from Mr Pearson and our Outreach Advisor, pastoral support from Mr Worton their Head of Key Stage and Mrs Gibbs, our designated pastoral support worker and can approach any member of staff they feel can offer advice and help. Additionally, form tutors will be providing guidance on how to deal with exam stress and how best to importantly switch off and have regular and restful breaks from school work.

Preparing for Post 16.

In preparation for life beyond Ridgeway Secondary School, we will be equipping students with the skills and confidence to take their next step in their educational journey to college or sixth form. On the evening of 12th December, alongside parents evening, we have invited in a variety of local post 16 providers for parents and students to discuss their next steps with. Alongside this please look out for the letter confirming local open evenings for post 16 providers which will be sent out when all the providers have confirmed times and dates.

We hope this letter gives you sufficient information about the support and opportunities available to give your child every opportunity to succeed at Ridgeway Secondary School and look forward to seeing you and your child at some of the events above.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours Sincerely,


Mr J Worton

Head of Key Stage 4