Post 16 Provision

Dear Parent/Carer,

RE:  Post 16 provision

As a result of the Global Pandemic the final year of your child’s schooling was abruptly ended. This caused a range of emotions throughout the school between staff and students. We realise that due to the nature of this many of our students will feel confused and struggle to find motivation. We would like to do the following to things as a result of this letter:

  1. Reassure you of procedures in school
  2. Provide some avenues of support and suggest some structure for your child before they enter further education.

During closure the school has had to adapt to a variety of different things not least the way in which we have been tasked with awarding grades for GCSE exams. You may have seen the video attached in our most recent newsletter that explains this in a simplistic way so students can be reassured of the system and how it will work. During the coming weeks staff will be collaborating to compile this data to submit to the relevant bodies for approval. We will then enter a period of time where we are waiting for results day which nationally will be held on the 20th August 2020. We will release further details on this day as we move closer towards the time and know more about how this will be delivered.

At the top of our current priorities are GCSE grades and ensuring every student at Ridgeway Secondary School is awarded the grade they deserve, additionally and perhaps equally important is where they will continue their education. We as a school want to ensure that the following happens:

  1. Students have applied for post 16 study.
  2. They gain a place on a course of their choice.
  3. They equip themselves appropriately for this course during the closure.


With the above in mind I would like to suggest some potential strategies and tasks to complete over the coming weeks. It is important that your child engages in this process and begins to prepare for life beyond Ridgeway. Although school may feel formally over for our Year 11’s it is still incredibly important they keep the brain active and they keep a keen interest in topics they will go on to study in the next academic year, some of the things that we would expect our Year 11 to be doing with their time include:

  1. Where they haven’t applied for a course or courses they must do so. (Support can be gained from
  2. If not already complete seek references from staff at Ridgeway.
  3. If accepted onto a course, then begin to read around that course and its topics and ask current subject teachers for advice and guidance on Microsoft Teams.
  4. Stay on top of paperwork from your next place of education and ensure you meet deadlines for applications and key documents.
  5. Inform Ridgeway Secondary School of your next steps, where you will study and what course you will undertake.

Depending on where your child intends on studying next some of the links below may help to add some structure:

We understand this time is incredibly difficult and keeping routine and structure may seem pointless however doing this will allow all our students to smoothly transition into their post 16 studies. We will continue to post updates to exam guidance and results in all methods of communication.

Thank you for your continued support,

Take care.

Mr J Worton 

Assistant Headteacher.