Ofsted Report 2018

Dear Parents and carers,

As you know, Ofsted inspected the school on 3rd and 4th May. The report can be found by following this link:


We are pleased to note the positive aspects of the report but also acknowledge that there are areas requiring improvement.  We have already begun the Rapid Improvement Plan to address areas requiring improvement. We will be making significant, positive changes to enable all students to continue making excellent progress and enjoy their learning at Ridgeway.

If you are currently pleased with the progress both academically and emotionally at the school, then it will only get better with the improvements we are making. Please support us on this journey towards ensuring children make excellent progress and are prepared for the future.

We remain, as always, fully committed to providing a high standard of teaching and learning for the children at Ridgeway Secondary School and will, with your support, strive to ensure the best possible outcomes for all of the children at our school.

Members of the governing body and all staff at Ridgeway Secondary School are very disappointed with some of the report findings and do not feel that the report gives a true reflection of the school.  We are in the process of contesting a number of points with Ofsted. A brief summary and examples of the areas we are contesting:

  • The report alludes to students making variable progress.

Below is a Department for Education comparison site of schools within a 10-mile radius of Ridgeway. You will be able to see that students make good progress here compared to other schools. (Please see the below document).

  • Although the majority of parents who responded to the Ofsted questionnaire expressed broad satisfaction with many areas of provision, a little over one quarter did not…

¼ of 106 parents who completed the survey about 26 parents therefore only 6% of the population of the school. We feel that this is unfair as there is no reference made to the 94% that were either positive or did not contribute.

  • students do not make consistently good progress across years groups….

School evidence and DfE comparison site do not support inspection findings (see attached sheet) Best SATS in Redditch in 2017, exceeded local authority average and in line with national average.

On the table below is a list of schools locally from the DfE comparison site. You will see that our data is strong in relation to all of these schools. Ofsted has recently inspected two of the schools on the list. Both of those schools have attainment and progress results below Ridgeway Secondary School yet both achieved a ‘Good’ in the inspection.

  • Whilst the report highlights areas to improve for disadvantaged and SEN students, it fails to highlight some significant strengths.

students with a statement of SEN or EHCP attendance is significantly above national average. Attainment and Progress of Disadvantaged and SEN are also positive.

Whilst we are acknowledging the areas we need to improve upon as a school, we accept that there are inconsistencies in some areas.  It is clear that there is a disparity between the report findings and our own evidence.

In particular, to suggest that students’ attainment and progress is variable at Ridgeway seems to be inconsistent with the data provided by the DfE comparison site and therefore inconsistent with previous Ofsted inspection results of similar schools with lower attainment and progress results compared to Ridgeway.

We are currently conducting a parental questionnaire and are keen to hear your views about the school, how we communicate, what you would like to hear about in communication and when.

To give parents more opportunity to discuss the report and any questions you may have regarding this and the progress that we are already making in improving the school, we would like to invite you to an open parents’ meetings at school on 21st and 28th June at 6pm. There will be members of the various leadership teams from the school present to answer any questions that you may have.

Thank you again for your support.

Ridgeway Secondary School

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