COVID-19 Guidance

Dear students parents and carers,

In light of the announcements made by the Prime Minister on Tuesday, we would like to offer a timely reminder to all students and families associated to the school regarding Covid-19 restrictions and guidance at Ridgeway:

·         If you use a bus or taxi to get to school and to get home and you are 11 years old or over, you must wear a face covering for the journey. During the school day, this face covering should be kept in a separate bag.

·         There are 3 bubbles in operation at school. One for KS2, one for KS3 and one for KS4. Students must keep in their bubble zones before school, during break time and lunch time. Each Key Stage must remain in their zones and must not cross into other bubbles.

·         Students must not touch each other and must keep a safe, social distance from each other.

·         There is a one way system inside the school building that must be followed.

·         Hands should be washed more regularly than normal.

·         All work stations, desks and resources must be cleaned by students after use with the cleaning products supplied by the school.

We have been proud of the students and their commitment to these rules. Please do remind your children ( and children remind each other) to continue to follow these guidelines. By all of us doing these extra tasks we will be able to keep each other safe.

Kind regards

Ridgeway Secondary School