A Message To Those Who Have Applied for Alcester Grammer Sixth Form

Dear Sixth Form Applicant

We have now come to the end of interviewing well over 500 of you – the latter 200 or so by phone in these bizarre times.

As you no doubt know by now, the GCSE Results Day is still going to be Thursday 20th August and results (this year in the form of ‘Centre Assessed Grades’) will be issued by your current school at 08:00. Whether, with social distancing measures, we will meet you face to face or it will be done online, we will let you know nearer the time.

Most importantly right now is making the most of the ‘downtime’ you are all experiencing having been cut loose from GCSE programmes and the summer exam season. At some point, probably September, you will be back at school – whether that is coming to AGS or somewhere else. The transition to A levels is challenging at the best of times – having 5 months off of any education beforehand is only likely to make that harder. And that’s where we are stepping in to do you a big favour……….

The Heads of Department of the 25 subjects that we offer are spending time right now putting together a package of work for each A level. This work is ‘pre-sixth form transition work’ and is a mixture of specific preparatory, enrichment and extended work (including possible but non-compulsory reading lists) that will get you familiar and confident with that subject, whilst not actually teaching you the specific A level curriculum – we cannot do that until September, but work set will likely be linked to the curriculum. Two things I must add:

1. We are not about to judge the quality and therefore ‘mark’ what you do – but we would expect you to have done all/most of it, and

2. This is not the same thing as the specific late-summer work that we set you to do POST-enrollment (20th August) which is a couple of hours per subject and is specifically submitted in your first lesson in September.

Whether your current school has made other suggestions (eg online courses) or not, the above will be specific to your chosen four A levels and will definitely help bridge the gap between now and the autumn, and keep your ‘head in the game’ so to speak. You will be emailed a link when the work is ready later on next week.


Ian Young

Vice Principal/Head of Sixth Form

Alcester Grammar School