2020-21 Classes

Dear Parent/Carer, 

As ‘Transition Day’ is now upon us and I am sure your child will be expecting to find out their form tutor for the next academic year. With the current situation, it is obviously difficult for us to facilitate a ‘normal’ transition day however we feel by making use of technology and creating a section of the website dedicated to transition that we can offer each year group something for transition day.  The link for transition on the website is: 


Each year we aim to have all staff follow their form groups to the next year and the Heads of Key Stage also follow the year groups they are responsible for. Below you will find a list of class names before the school closure for the academic year and the name of the class for next academic year followed by the name and contact for the member of staff. 

In addition to the above, there is also a page on the website where each teacher has left a message for the students in the form next year. 

Form Group 19-20  Form Group 20-21  Form Tutor  Email Address 
5MF  6MF  Mr Frost  Mfrost@ridgewaysecondary.org.uk  
5RK  6RK  Mr Kent  rkent@ridgewaysecondary.org.uk  
6AJ  7EN  Miss Nicholls  enicholls@ridgewaysecondary.org.uk  
6AJ  7JP  Miss Powell  jpowell@ridgewaysecondary.org.uk  
7HV  8PW  Mr Whittle  pwhittle@ridgewaysecondary.org.uk  
7LV  8LV  Mr Ventura  lventura@ridgewaysecondary.org.uk  
7GP  8GP  Miss Pearce  gpearce@ridgewaysecondary.org.uk  
8CM  9CM  Mr Mikolajczyk  cmikolajczyk@ridgewaysecondary.org.uk  
8SD  9AA  Mr Ayton  aayton@ridgewaysecondary.org.uk  
8LHa  9LHa  Mrs Hampton  lhampton@ridgewaysecondary.org.uk   
9FY  10MP  Mr Pearson  mpearson@ridgewaysecondary.org.uk  
9AV  10AV  Mr Vernon  avernon@ridgewaysecondary.org.uk   
9JS  10JS  Miss Skinner  jskinner@ridgewaysecondary.org.uk  
10NH  11NH  Mr Hayward  nhayward@ridgewaysecondary.org.uk  
10SL  11SL  Mrs Lovell / Mrs Harvey  slovell/kharvey@ridgewaysecondary.org.uk  
10CH  11CH  Mr Hampton  champton@ridgewaysecondary.org.uk 


Finally the final week of the school term will see the launch of our ‘Enrichment Week’ this will be replacing the activities usually done on transition day and will allow all our students to have access to a wide range of activities around a whole school house competition. 

We hope this has made the transition process easier and look forward to continuing to work alongside you in the new academic year. 

Have a safe and enjoyable summer. 


Mr J Worton 

Assistant Headteacher