Equality Statement for Students

Our school is committed to equality. We try to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and has equality of opportunity. We also work to develop good relations between people from different groups. We recognise that in wider society, people are not always treated fairly, for example because of their: age; disability; gender; gender identity; pregnancy or maternity; ethnicity; religion or belief; or sexual orientation.

We try to make sure that our school is a safe and secure place for everyone. We do not put up with unfair treatment or bullying of any kind.

We recognise that people have different needs and we understand that treating people equally does not always involve treating them all the same. When people face difficulties, they need extra support to help them achieve success and we try to do this for people in our school community.

We also try to make sure that people from different groups are consulted and involved in our decisions, for example through talking to pupils and parents/carers, and through our Student Leadership team.

Britain as a country is committed to making society a fair place and the Government asks all schools to help with this. We are asked to set equality objectives and to make sure we review our progress every year and let people know how we are getting on. Our school have identified one new objective which is broken down into a number of targets.

The student leaders in the school have created an inclusion group where they meet to discuss key issues for key groups of students and how to resolve them.

If you would like to know more about what our school is doing to create greater equality you can talk to Mr J Worton, Deputy Headteacher.

Equality Action plan 

Our objectives aim to eliminate discrimination/harassment, advance equality and foster good relations amongst all people.

Objective  Target Impact Who / when  Review – September 2025
To provide opportunities within our curriculum to study equality and promote its importance within the school community. Increase the percentages of key groups including (SEND, LAC and PP) attending extra curricular opportunities. JW
Promote equality throughout the school through the curriculum, specifically in PSHE and deliver effective awareness assemblies. JW
Ensure representation of key groups is seen on student leadership teams. JPO
Promote equality as one of the main school values tied into social development within Ridgeway 360. MGB/JW