Changes to GCSE Exams 2021

Dear Parent/Carer,

In August 2020 OFQUAL confirmed that there would be changes to the 2021 examination series due to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on students’ education.  As a result, many courses have made changes to the way in which they will examine students, whether this is through content or paper structure.  Teachers have been talking to students about these changes but we thought that it would be useful for parents to be able to see these changes to help support your child.  You will find this information on the student section of our website.  While a number of subjects have changed there are some subjects where what is expected of students has remained the same.

You will also no doubt be aware that the Department for Education has confirmed that GCSE exams in the Summer of 2021 have been put back by three weeks.  They will now start on the 7th June and end on the 2nd July.  The exception to this is that one GCSE Maths and English exam will be held just before the May half-term.  This is to enable any Year 11 students affected by Covid-19 the best chance of sitting a paper in each of these subjects.  Results day will now be Friday 27th August for GCSE students.

We hope that this information is useful and that your child is currently revising hard for their mock exams which begin on the 9th November.


Yours sincerely,


M Ball

Deputy Head Teacher


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