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Year 6 SATs Arrangements

Dear Parents / Carers,

As I am sure you are aware the SATs tests begin next week (13th – 16th May). We know that both staff and students have been working extremely hard for this and we praise all of their efforts. Where possible, please ensure that your child is not absent during this week, as they will be unable to take the tests.  The purpose of this letter is to inform you about the arrangements the school has put in place for next week.

All tests will take place in school classrooms.

The tests will start promptly each morning following registration at 8.25 am.

Should your child be late to school please do still ensure their attendance as arrangements can be made for them to complete their tests later in the day. If your child cannot attend school for any session please phone the school office as soon as possible 01527892867.

Equipment required
students will need:

  • Pens (black)
  • Pencils
  • Rubber
  • Sharpener
  • Ruler

This will all need to be kept in a see-through holder.  This does not need to be a pencil case, it can be a plastic wallet / plastic bag etc.

students may bring a water bottle to each test with water in only.  The bottle needs to be transparent with the label removed.

We are also pleased to announce that we will be holding a breakfast club during SATs week specifically for year 6 students.  Eating breakfast is a very important part of preparation for each day.  Children use a lot of energy and need to be well ‘fuelled’ before the morning session.  The breakfast club will be held in the DT room each day.  Toast and orange juice will be on offer and there will be no cost involved for the students.

We wish the students well for next week and would like to thank them again for the hard work leading up to this point.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Clarkson

Assistant Headteacher

Young Citizen’s Challenge

Dear Year 6 Parent/Carer,

On Thursday 23rd May, year 6 students will be attending the Bromsgrove and Redditch Young Citizen’s Challenge.

Jointly organised by West Mercia Police and Hereford & Worcester Fire Service, the Young Citizens Challenge consists of a series of workshops that address a particular safety issue and are delivered by the Police, the Fire Service and various other partner agencies.

The workshops are designed to be entertaining and informative, with the aim of teaching key safety messages which should benefit children not just during their summer holidays but throughout their lives.

Amongst the subjects covered at previous events have been:-

  • West Mercia Police – internet safety / stranger danger
    ·         Hereford & Worcester Fire Service – fire safety (using ‘smoke house’)
    ·         Eon / Western Power Distribution – safety near electricity substations
    ·         Safer Roads Partnership – road safety
    ·         Severn Area Rescue Association – water safety & rescues
    ·         Red Cross – personal safety / first aid
    ·         Local Councils – anti-social behaviour

students will transport to Bromsgrove Fire Station via coach at 11.30am and students will be returned to Ridgeway Secondary School before 3pm. students will require a packed lunch and a drink for the afternoon (If your child receives a free school meal, please ask your child to see the kitchen staff prior to the day of the event and a lunch will be provided).

The cost of the trip is £3, which will also cover travelling to and from the event. Payment can be made via cash or via parent pay. Please complete and return the slip overleaf.

Yours sincerely
Mr T Clarkson

Assistant Headteacher  

Download the above letter with attached reply slip here.

German Exchange

Dear Parents/Carers and students

You will be aware that Ridgeway has a link with Hermann-Vöchting-Gymnasium (HVG) in Blomberg, Germany.  We have recently hosted students from Germany for a week at our school as part of the cultural exchange programme that we are continuing to develop between both of our schools. Some of you may have kindly hosted at least one German exchange student at your homes for a week at the end of last half-term.

HVG and Ridgeway would like to continue to further enhance this student exchange between the two schools that involves teachers, parents and students.  We are therefore putting into place preparations for our return trip to Germany that will take place at the beginning of July 2019, with provisional dates being Tuesday 2nd July to Monday 8th July.

The language and cultural knowledge and skills students of both nationalities will experience will benefit them immediately and in later life.

At this point, we are looking to see how many students would be interested in this venture and would like to return with us to Germany.

Needless to say, there will be more details to follow. However, at this point, we would like to know how students would be interested in returning to Germany at the beginning of July. Should you be interested, please complete the slip below and return to either Mr Ayton or Mrs Trevethick.

Yours sincerely,


ALEX AYTON                                                      SUZANNE TREVETHICK                                 


Download the letter with attached reply slip here.

Year 6 SATS Information Evening

Dear Parents/Carers

I am writing to invite you to a parents’ SATs information evening, which is being held on Thursday 31st January at 6pm.

The purpose of the evening is to give parents information about the SATs exams, discuss ways of supporting the children with their revision and provide details of the preparation for the week of tests.

Finally, we look forward to you joining us for the evening which should finish at approximately 7.00pm. Please return the reply slip below via your son or daughter to help us plan seating.

Yours sincerely


Mr T Clarkson

Assistant Head Teacher

Please download the letter with the attached reply slip here.

Spring Extra-Curricular Sports

Dear Parent/Carer,

We would like to inform you in advance of the upcoming extra-curricular sporting opportunities for students in the spring term.

As a growing school, we are keen to offer all year groups the opportunity to take part in physical activity either as leisure or as part of a competitive team. We compete in almost all sports both district and countywide and in large are very successful. We have recently begun to utilise one evening for all years to train and will continue to do so where necessary. As a department, we would like to inform you of the following changes in the extracurricular timetable for the next half term.

Please note that the provision from external providers is of an extremely high quality delivered by an ex-professional and current professional in both sports.

We hope this gives you adequate time to organise any arrangements to make it possible for your child to attend should they wish and look forward to another successful sporting year.

Yours Sincerely

The PE Department.