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Redditch Middle and High School Transition Arrangements

Redditch Middle and High School Transition Arrangements

Dear Parent/Carer

You will be aware that on Monday the Prime Minister announced that the planned lifting of lockdown restrictions from 21st June was delayed until 19th July and this means our planned arrangements for transition have to change. The Department for Education confirmed on Tuesday that traditional transition activities are ‘unlikely to be feasible’.

Heads of all middle and high schools have met and agreed an approach that supports children and young people in Redditch in having the most supportive transition possible within the current restrictions, as well as continuing to do all we can to minimise transmission rates across the town. We are all keen to keep our communities as safe as possible as we approach the end of term and we hopefully see restrictions ease on 19th July.

The arrangements apply to pupils who will be starting Year 5, Year 9 and Year 12 this September.

Our agreed transition arrangements are:

  • Transition activities between now and the end of term will be virtual, as they were last summer.
  • All pupils will attend their usual school on Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th
  • The exception will be for those transition visits already planned for pupils who require additional support in making the transition. These visits are able to be in-person as the small numbers involved mean there is little risk to existing school bubbles as there will be no cross-school transmission.
  • On the first day of the Autumn term, Monday 6th September, only Year 5, 7 and Year 9 will be in school. This will mean they can have that time to become familiar with their new school, school staff and each other.
  • For pupils in other year groups, schools will set appropriate learning activities for Monday 6th This work will support their return to school on Tuesday 7th September.
  • All schools will continue to do all we can to support our pupils in feeling prepared for the next stage of their education.
  • Please note that plans for any Summer Schools taking place are not affected by these arrangements.

We have been in discussion with local First Schools who are also planning their transition arrangements for Reception pupils and will be contacting parents to confirm the details.

We thank you for your ongoing support as we all continue to face the challenges of the pandemic.

Yours sincerely,

Ridgeway Secondary School

Equipment Expectations

Dear Parents/Carers,

RE: Equipment and Organisation.

I would like to thank you for your support to ensure your son/daughter returns to school each day with the correct equipment following what has been a strange time for us all. Lost learning time in all secondary schools across the country still has a significant impact on disruption to potential learning time. Giving out equipment with 3 minutes lost, each lesson over a week equates to 75 minutes a week and over a school year over 48 hours of lost learning. As a school, we do everything to minimise the impact of this to ensure students have the best opportunity for success. We aim to maximise learning time in a 1-hour lesson. A reminder that this academic year and future years will see Ridgeway Secondary School operate a two-week timetable with them being labelled as ‘Week A’ and ‘Week B’.

I would like to stress the importance of checking timetables, books and equipment daily and in addition recording down whether it is a week A or B, which is particularly important when returning after a holiday. We recommend that students keep their bag and school equipment in the same place as they return from school and pack it the night before so they can have a good night’s sleep, knowing that they are prepared for the next day. Good organisation and effective routines significantly reduce unnecessary worry or anxiety.

Below is a reminder of the correct equipment your son/daughter needs every day:

  • Exercise books/folders
  • Reading book/log
  • Pencil case
  • Black Pen
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Protractor
  • Rubber
  • Scientific calculator

In addition to the equipment above, we expect every student in Years 7-11 to bring the following:

  • Subject specific equipment including PE kit (details found on the website), and cooking ingredients.
  • Other useful equipment but not specified in the ‘basics’ would be coloured pencils and a highlighter.

Stationery is available to purchase from school each morning during break time, the location of where students can purchase this from will be announced to students on the first day of the school year.

We believe by having high expectations at all levels, including personal organisation, every student has the potential to succeed. We look forward to continuing to work with you and your son/daughter, to achieve success together at Ridgeway Secondary School.

Yours sincerely,


Mr Jack Worton

Assistant Headteacher

Uniform Expectations

Dear Parent/Carer,

As you may be aware the pandemic has led to schools adopting a more flexible approach when enforcing the school’s uniform policy. This was due to a number of reasons and was recommended in DfE guidance.

As of the 17th May 2021 schools have now been advised to return to their usual expectations surrounding uniform when they deem it appropriate. From Monday 7th June, all students will be asked to adhere to the usual uniform expectations which are listed below:



White Shirt


Black Trousers

Black school shoes (no trainers)




White Shirt


Black Trousers or Skirt


Black School Shoes (no trainers)

  • Hoodies or coats will not be permitted in the school building.
  • PE Kit (Ridgeway branded only) to be worn on days when PE is timetabled.

Please ensure you contact the school if there are any circumstances that mean your child will not be able to meet these expectations.

Thank you for your support in this moving forward.

Yours Sincerely,


Mr J Worton

Assistant Headteacher.

RE: Welcome to Ridgeway Secondary School

28th April 2021

Dear Parent or Carer,

RE: Welcome to Ridgeway Secondary School

I am delighted to welcome your child as a new student in September 2021 at Ridgeway Secondary
School. Ridgeway Secondary is a rapidly improving school. As the Head Teacher, I am extremely
proud of what we have to offer and I am confident that our provision is of high quality. Above all, I
am committed to ensuring that your child will have the best possible life chances as a result of a
first-class educational experience.

Your child’s move to us is a very exciting time. However, I recognise that it is a period of great
change and that your child may understandably experience some anxiety. I can reassure you that
our transition process is highly effective and places all new student’s wellbeing at the heart of all
that we do.

You are likely to have questions about many aspects of transition: for example, uniform and
equipment, school lunches and learning support. I can confirm that all this information and much
more will be provided by our transition leads in due course. In July, we will hold transition days for
our new students to meet their teachers and classmates, followed by an evening event for
parents/carers. Information will also be available via our website and social media platforms.(Facebook: Twitter: Website: These events are Covid permitting.

If you require any additional information or have any questions, please contact our transition leads,
Mrs S Trevethick (transition lead for year 5) or Mrs C Gallagher (transition lead for years 7 and 9) via
emailing or telephoning 01527 892867. In the meantime, please
follow us on our social media platforms (Facebook & Twitter), where you will gain a great insight
into the life of our students at Ridgeway Secondary School

Kind regards

Mr M Bennett
Head Teacher

Year 9 Options

Please utilise this interactive options brochure to explore videos from each lead teacher to share with you the exciting experiences and qualifications on offer in KS4. Pay special attention to the links attached to each subject and the one page profiles providing specific exam information and key content. Additionally take note of the key dates and complete the form attached in the ‘Option Subject’ page. Enjoy choosing your next steps at Ridgeway and we look forward to seeing you all back at school next week!

World Book Day, Thursday 4th March 2021

Dear Parent/Carer,

Despite the continuing lockdown and education being provided remotely, here at Ridgeway we would still very much like all students where possible to celebrate and enjoy World Book Day. On Thursday 4th March, students in years 5 to 9 will have themed English lessons to mark the day, and we ask that where they can that they choose one or more enrichment activities from the list below to further participate in to celebrate the day.

Word Book Day enrichment activities:

  • Dress up as a character from their favourite book and take a photograph of themselves.
  • Extreme reading challenge. Take a photograph of themselves reading a book in a weird, wonderful, exciting, fun but SAFE place.
  • Create a reading den and take a photograph of themselves reading in their den.
  • Write a book review or record a video of themselves recommending their favourite book.Create and design a book cover for their favourite book.
  • Create a film trailer for a book they would like to see turned into a film.

To accompany the lessons and enrichment activities, we will also be launching a 500-word short story competition the week of World Book Day. A winner will be selected from each year group with a book voucher being awarded as a prize and their stories published as part of the school newsletter. More information and details regarding this competition will be released after half term.

As always, reading is a key priority at Ridgeway and we hope very much that all students take part in the lessons, enrichment activities and competition, and take much enjoyment from the day, and appreciate how fun and valuable reading is to both learning and life. Whilst we all continue to manage the demands of online learning, we also hope that all our students continue to read for pleasure at home. If they should require any extra support with this please do not hesitate to contact either your child’s English teacher or Miss Powell, the Head of English.

We look forward to seeing all the brilliant results from the enrichment activities, competition and lessons.

Yours Faithfully,


Miss J Powell

Head of English