Austria Ski Trip

Dear Parent/Carer,

We would like to inform you that due to your payment of £100 as a non-refundable deposit we have secured your child’s place on the ski trip to Salzburger, Austria, April 2020.

Below is information regarding the remainder of the balance for the trip including exact amounts and dates they must be paid on. We must stress that any funds now paid including the deposit are non-refundable as with any tour provider the balance must be paid in advance and is based on the number of students going.

Payment Plan:

21/6/19 – £100

1/8/19 – £200

1/9/19 – £200

1/10/19 – £200

1/11/19 – £110

All payments must be made via ParentPay.

Please note that missing payments may lead to your child’s place becoming at risk.

We as a school will ensure that parents are reminded about upcoming payment dates but please for your own reassurance make sure the dates above are noted and adhered to.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr J Worton

Head of Physical Activity / Head of Key Stage 4.

For more information please see this presentation from PGL.