This statement is taken from our lost and missing child policy, which can be found in full on the school website.

It is essential that Ridgeway Secondary School ensures that positive steps are taken to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. The safety and welfare of all of our children at school is our paramount responsibility.

Please find the procedure for notifying the school as to your child’s absence on any
particular day and the procedure that we intend to follow if we do not hear from you
and/or find that our attempts to contact you, have failed.

Procedure for Day 1
Parents are responsible for notifying the school if their child is absent for any reason. If a
student has not registered by 8:45am and there has been no communication from the parent informing the school of an absence then the office staff will contact the parent for further information. If there is an unexplained absence or no contact has been possible then the member of staff responsible for contacting parents in the event of an absence must inform a member of the SLT (Designated Safeguarding Lead will be informed). The DSL or member of the SLT will make the decision to inform the police within 30 minutes of any attempted contact with parents. (This should be no later than 9:30am)

Procedure for Day two to Day 28
The process of ‘reasonable enquiry’ – [The Education (student Registration) (England)
Regulations 2006, Regulation 8(h)(iii) requires schools and local authorities to make
‘reasonable enquiries’ to locate students who have been absent for 4 weeks or more before they can be deleted from the register.] – starts with the questions above as soon as the child is discovered to be missing (i.e. on the first day). After school staff have exhausted the avenues of enquiry open to them, the LA education welfare or school attendance service will continue checking databases within the local authority and other databases (e.g. housing, health and the police) with agencies known to be involved with the family, with the local authority the child moved from originally, and with any local authority to which the child may have moved.

Note: DSL: Designated Safeguarding Lead teacher