A New Partnership with Collège René Cassin high school in l’Isle Jourdain, la vienne in France

It’s a pleasure to announce the start of a new cultural and linguistic partnership between our school and the ‘collège René Cassin’ high school in l’Isle Jourdain, la vienne in France.

This partnership will, first and foremost, allow both French and British students to send emails to each other but also exchange video recordings of their respective schools, both here in Astwood Bank and also in L’Isle Jourdain, France.  The aim is to support students and their oral abilities in both languages by encouraging ‘live’ video conferencing on pre- defined topic areas.  For us, in England, these topics will relate to the MFL curriculum that the students are studying, dependent on their year group.  This will allow both Ridgeway students and those of our exchange school to improve and practice, both written and oral language skills.  Additionally, it will allow them to discover different cultural aspects of our two countries, enrich their knowledge of the modern world and broaden their horizons.

Initially it is our aim to pilot this project in lessons and by offering a French club once a week to students of Year 9 and 10, as well as intervention sessions for Year 11 GCSE French students.  However, it is our aim to offer various project opportunities to students of all year groups, during the course of the upcoming school year, including those students in Years 5 and 6.

Please see below a link to the school website for the ‘collège René Cassin’:

Site du collège René Cassin – Pédagogie – Académie de Poitiers (ac-poitiers.fr)

I look forward to working with your child on this project during the upcoming academic year.  We will write to you again about the first project activity and what it entails in due course.


Yours sincerely,


Mr A Ayton

Head of MFL